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30 June 2018

 Have you been sitting on the fence... watching all the oils chatter but not knowing how to get onboard? If so......that was me too initially...
I've got to be honest...I wasn't convinced they were for me...I didn't get all the hype...and I was to scared to make a commitment in case my hesitations were true.... what if they really weren't for me and then I'd wasted my money.

However.... luckily I was invited to take part in an online 'Spoil Yourself Event' and sent some samples. Little did I know what  huge impact that would have for my life.

I started off slow and listened to the education as it was added each day and before long I was noticing that I was reaching for the oils.... thinking about the oils....and voraciously reading everything I could find about the science behind the oils.

Truly it was like my blinkers were pulled off...and a whole world opened up... and I kicked myself for being so resistant for so long!

So..... if my story rings true for you.... or you are keen to just try the oils in sample size...in the comfort of your own home... and learn a little information...all with no obligation... then maybe the upcoming 'Spoil Yourself Event' is for you!

As I was sending samples out this week I added a little note to each package that if you are keen and eager...and ready to reap the benefits right now... please just get in touch and I can help you to get started. 
We offer lots of support and education so please don't worry that you will be all on your own after the event finishes.... because it just isn't the case.
The doTERRA community is kind...nurturing and and all about sending love out into the world.

If you are interested in learning more.... or joining our upcoming event please be in touch....
Much oily love..

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