You received some doTERRA ESSENTIAL OIL samples from me... now what?

10 August 2018

If you are visiting this post I am guessing you have some lovely samples in front of you.... or winging their way toward you in the post.

I love that you have reached out to me with an interest in the oils... and its given me the chance to introduce you to this wonderful world and all the benefits this journey will bring. I had no idea my world would open up to so many possibilities when I said YES to samples last year... and I am so thankful.

For me it was initially about low-toxing my home and personal care items .. reducing our exposure to synthetic ingredients.. phthalates.. and all the other nasties hidden in home and personal care products. I am a self confessed toxin-phobe... so by switching to these oils I reduced my anxiety around that...right from the start.
I also loved that I had a natural tool kit now on hand .... and we had so many 'ahaaa' moments over the following months as I tackled little niggles in our lives. Next came the emotional benefits... which if I am honest I've noticed the most incredible changes.

So I ask....
Would you like a natural alternative that can help ...

 Detox your home and personal care products.
 Support your immune system
 Promote relaxation and balance your mood.
 Support relaxing sleep.
 Soothe and revitalise your skin.
 Uplift your mood and focus
 Flavour food naturally ...think bliss balls as an example.
 Clean your surfaces without chemicals.
 Support muscles and joints and soothe with massage.
 Ease tummies and assist with travel issues.
 Be equipped to avoid seasonal threats..
 Support your respiratory system and promote easy breathing.
If this is something that interests you then please enjoy your samples... and let me help you take the next step and get these beautiful oils into your life.

Your samples may differ slightly.... so I will email out information relating to each sample I send.... but please check out..

If you are interested at all.. please reach out so I can help you get started as well..... you will not regret it. In fact... my ONLY regret is that I didn't get started earlier.

Much Oily Love Mardi 

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