December 2018 - Getting started with Essential Oils....

12 December 2018

Honestly....if you said to me a few years ago that I would be spending my days surrounded by Essential Oils I wouldn't have believed it.

I was like most of us in the beginning...... just grabbing products from Supermarket to clean..
bleach...wash...scrub..and freshen.

But like all of us... I started to question what IS this stuff we are using?
Why do we need all those chemicals and numbers in each bottle?
What is it doing to us?

It was terrifying for me.... and the more I read and researched the more anxious I became.

So the first step was to seek out 'Low Tox and Green' products... and I had a lot of hit and miss.... but I did find some brands that I loved and continue to use today.

But then.... I was introduced to Essential Oils... and it was like a light bulb moment!!

These beautiful pure oils are the answer... its now more simple than ever ...

  • I can create easy and affordable cleaners... safe for ingestion if your food touches the bench!!
  • I diffuse in our home and not only does it smell amazing... but we can change the oils to suit the mood... Easy Air and Lavender at night is amazing.
  • I have a tool kit on hand for whatever need arises...  eg: for Insect bites we apply Lavender... if we need Tummy relief . Digestzen is on hand.... Feeling a little under the weather..we bring out the On Guard.
  • I no longer use Phthalate filled fragrance... I now use an Essential Oil Purefume instead.

If you are wanting to jump into the beautiful.. natural world of Essential Oils ...but not sure are a couple of ways....

 I personally began with the Home Essentials Kit.... it comes with a diffuser and 10 x 15ml Essential Oils.
This month we have a FREE FRANKINCENSE promo.... so the Home Essentials Kit would also qualify you for a free Franky!

 Another option is the Family Essentials Kit.... it also contains the Top 10 oils but in a 5ml size... it has a 15ml bottle of Smart and Sassy (The Metabolic blend) included in place of the diffuser.

Or you could simply begin with a $35.00 Wholesale membership and a couple of oils of your choice.

All of these options give you Wholesale Membership... a welcome gift from me...and ongoing support and education..
Any questions at all ...please ask. I am more than happy to help.
Much oily love...Mardi x

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  1. This diffuser is perfect for taking anywhere with you, whether you are at home and wish to shift in between rooms, or traveling outstation how to air out a room , or even in your car