Its a great time to get started - with 20% off doTERRA enrolment kits!

10 April 2019

If you have been keen to get stared with doTERRA essential oils... but the budget is a bit tight (and I totally get that) .... then this might be of interest to you.

 Currently doTERRA have 20% off their enrolment kits.... which is such a great saving!
I was thinking this morning about how I felt when I first started...  in fact... if I rewind my life a few years.. and you were to ask me a question about Essential Oils .... I would have stared back blankly...I had no idea about what essential oils could do. 

If I'm completely honest...I just thought they were pretty smells that you burnt in an oil burner.
How things have changed in my life now! 
(For one - I would never put my beautiful pure oils in an oil burner!)

I can thank a dear friend for recognising that Essential Oils were a great fit for my life and encouraging me to try them. 
She was aware that I was on a mission to live the simplest and healthiest life possible and could see the health possibilities for me that I wasn't even aware of at the time. 

Joining with a wholesale membership and ordering the Home Essentials Kit was the best decision ever. Having beautiful pure oils in our home has been a game changer in so may ways.... and yes I diffuse them daily... and make a lot of our home and personal products from scratch using my oils... but I am also loving them for physical and emotional benefits as well.

Honestly... I can not imagine life without them ...  if you are interested but unsure I am always happy to chat in person with you.

If you are wondering why I chose doTERRA ? ...its because of their certified pure testing and the way they source their oils - you can read more HERE

If you are ready to join me and take advantage of the 20% saving - you can join with me HERE
I would love to welcome you into our Simply Wellness Community and take care of you with....

  • your doTERRA membership gives you access to wholesale pricing (25% discount) for one year
  • Access to our private support group 'Our Simply Wellness Tribe'
  • and guidance from me and our oily collective.
  • Access to education events 
  • DIY recipes and ways to get started with your oils.
  • Guidance and support from me when you need it.
  • a welcome pack with a free oil and goodies to get started.

Wondering about safety and dilution? I give my thoughts HERE ... I am cautious in general with anything we put in or near our bodies.... and because doTERRA Essential Oils are pure and therapeutic...they should be treated respectfully. More isn't better... one drop diluted is often enough.

Wondering how you will use your oils? I have 90 ways listed HERE
I have been sharing a series of post about how to create a Healthy Home using Essential Oils - HERE

I would love you to follow along over at Simply Mardi Wellness on Facebook or Insta

If I've twisted your arm and you are ready to get your Essential Oil journey started and take advantage of the 20% off savings ... then I would love to be your guide and support. You can join up HERE

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