13 July 2019

Have you been wanting to switch your home over to simple home products but not where to start?'
Or maybe you are not even sure what Essential Oils are all about?

Well I would love you to join us for our SpOil Yourself event....which runs for 5 days -
 July 29th until August 2nd.

What is a SpOil Yourself Event?
Its a chance to try some oil Samples.... and learn more about Essential Oils and their many uses all from the comfort of your home.

Each day we will feature a new oil (or two).... and a series of posts relating to that oil will be added to the private online classroom. These posts will be a be a mix of videos... images... recipes and challenges that get you using your samples.  Spoil Yourself is all about guiding ... educating... and opening you up to the incredible versatility of Essential Oils.
If this sounds like something that interests you... I would love you to join us.
Leave a comment or send me a message and we can chat over the details and get those samples out in the post.

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