DECEMBER 2019 - FREE Frankincense

4 December 2019

Beautiful Frankincense - known as The King of Oils can be yours when you get started this month. This is such an incredible offer...  imagine receiving a $120.00 Frankincense for FREE! 

Frankincense ... how do you use it?
  • Apply a few drops to the wrists and inhale for a sense of calm.... it blends beautifully with Lavender too.
  • Calm your nerves ...apply Frankincense...Wild Orange and Peppermint into your hand and inhale. Alternatively diffuse this combination.
  • I add to my facial moisturiser for its nourishing cell rejuvenation benefits.
  • Add a drop or two to the bath and soak for a calming ..and soothing bath...perfect for relaxation.
  • Wear as a purefume...
  • Frankincense enhances the other add a drop to your blends. 
  • Add it as part of your immune Rollerball blend.
  • Diffuse for its relaxing benefit.... what a beautiful way to start the day and your yoga practice...if you have one!
  • Frankincense is wonderfully nourishing for wound healing ..stretch marks and dark spots /blemishes.
  • More uses and information on Frankincense - HERE

To take advantage of this offer....  perhaps consider getting started with a 'Starter Kit' like 
The Home Essentials Kit below. There are many other kits and ways to get started though.. I have all the details on what kits are available and how to process your first order HERE 

Any questions? I am always happy to chat xx

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