S e a s o n a l - Essentials - Wellness Box

20 March 2020

I'm just popping in to mention the 'Seasonal Essentials Wellness Box....its a collection of oils and products that would be useful in every home.... especially at the moment.

Now more than ever before we are all mindful of extra hygiene and looking for additional natural support.
 This collection was mindfully created to offer support over the coming months (and beyond) as seasonal threats come our way.

So what is in this Seasonal Wellness Box?

Easy Air® Clear Blend - 15ml
Diffuse at night (fabulous when blended with Lavender) add a drop to the corner of the shower and get the benefits of a lung opening steam inhalation.

Easy Air® Touch Clear Blend - 10ml Rollerball
The touch blend comes in a handy ..ready to apply rollerbottle... and can give support when rolled to the chest... back and soles of the feet.

doTERRA Easy Air® Clear Drops
Great to have on hand to soothe a tickling throat... and relieve a stuffy nose.

On Guard® Touch Protective Blend - 10ml Rollerball
Ready to roll on to the soles of the feet and back daily to support your natural defense system.

On Guard® Sanitising Mist
This is a brilliant product ... it offers a >63% alcohol hand mist that comes in a handy handbag sized spray. Its exactly what we need for additional hygiene of hands and surfaces.

Peppermint - 15ml
Sometimes an afternoon pick-me-up is all you need. Add one drop to your palm and inhale. For head tension – apply diluted peppermint and lavender to temples…neck and forehead.

Eucalyptus - 15ml
Promotes feelings of relaxation and clear breathing. Diffuse for its purifying properties and can be added to cleaning sprays for surfaces in the home.

TeaTree - 15ml
Combine a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil to a spray bottle with water and use on surfaces as a ‘tox-free’ cleansing agent. Diffuse Tea Tree for its cleansing and purifying benefits... add a few drops of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree together for their combined benefits.

Lavender - 15ml
Create a night time routine ... diffuse Lavender (blends well with Easy Air) as you settle for sleep. Or add a couple of drops of Lavender to your pillow or bedding to help with relaxation.

This Wellness Box also contains an instructional card on how to use the products and offer inspiration..... oh and its available for new and existing customers which is awesome.

New customers - This Wellness Box also gives you a Wholesale Account for ongoing 25% discount and my support and guidance.. so its a wonderful way to get started with some natural solutions.

$185.00 wholesale / 129 PV

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