Well here goes...my first leap into Blog -dom

29 April 2006

I have just realised what a procrastinator I am.....to blog or not to blog.

Weeks and weeks of asking opinion's, posting on forums and still I had the battle in my head...should I or should't I.

Well tonight I took the plunge.......thanks to everyone who has answered my many questions and given me the confidence to just have a go!! (you will know who you all are)

The idea behind this Blog is that my dear family and friends will be able to keep up with the happenings in my life and I can share some photos ect with them. Anyone following the Scrapboxx life makeover will know...that keeping in touch with friends and family is terribly important to me....but is also the one thing I am the worst at.
Lets hope this helps...even if in a small way.

Im sure when I learn how to properly drive this Blog..it will be a fantastic tool.
Thats enough for my first post.....stay tuned...there will be more..


  1. Well, well ,well! What a fantastic first entry. Your a natural. lol
    Your blog looks fantastic!! I can't wait to hear more!!


  2. yay! hello :)
    And I see that you've worked out how to do the links already.

  3. Hey Mardi!!
    Got that link worked out yet girl?? LOL
    Glad to see you in the land of blogdom!!
    Sharryn :)

  4. hey mardi.....heehee knew it wouldnt be long...now B and Alannas with us,,,,,watch out cyber space LOL

    talk about a black hole...well were gonna fill it hey girls:)