.....more DT layouts.

4 July 2006

Just thought Id share a couple more of the DT layouts from last month at RSS .....I was so worried about not producing anything worthy of the position that I just kept creating more and more... This one is of Briony and her gorgeous friend Lucy..they have been friends since they were about 2 or 3......and will be forever.

The next one is of Brent and his cousin Brock and the fact they are not just cousins but good mates as well.

OK...I had my hair cut yesterday...its a bit short but I guess Ill get used to it...and it will always grow......even though my hair grows at a snails pace.

I managed to get a bit of scrapping done yesterday... mainly just finishing off things and its a great feeling.

Brent came home from work last night with a letter about Trade School in Adelaide. His employer wants him to go to Adelaide in the next couple of weeks and meet with the training group manager and familiarise himself with the course, location of Trade school and attend an induction day. Ian and I were going to be away on holidays..so I think we will change our plans slightly so we can accompany him to Adelaide. Im petrified for him...he has never driven in the city and has no idea where anything is. Brent himself isnt worried at all....I think I worry about him too much. I guess my next panic will be accomadation ect for him in Adelaide...but Im pretty sure there will be other country apprentices attending as well and Im guessing there will be a regular accomadation spot that most of them use.

Ok ..this is all for today...Im off to be creative....bugger the housework today. It absoluley freezing this morning.....frosty and foggy (if thats possible)....Briony went to get a shirt off the clothesline and it was frozen stiff like a board... so Ive got the heater on and Im all rugged up.
Mardi x


  1. Lovely LO's as usual Mardi!

    Good luck to Brent with his trip to Adeladie.

    Can't say i saqw the fog and frost this morning...lol. I had a wee little sleep in...


  2. Anonymous9:12 am

    Mardi, I don't know why you were so worried, those layouts are just gorgeous. Good luck with the trip.


  3. oh I just LOVE the colors in these 2 LOs, i really like the 2nd one, with the circle, very clever :) I think your work is awesome Mardi, the shop should be pleased to have you on board!