Finally a space to breathe......and its Brionys birthday!!!

20 August 2006

Boy life has been hectic this last week....and more frantic moments to come this while Ive got a chance I thought Id update.
Firstly this is my DT Layout for Memory Bugs this month....using the GinX papers...I really enjoyed working with these...although they are probably not my usual colours.....the layouts by the other girls (Yvette, Jolene, Carole and Beth) were absolutley stunning this month....make sure you pop into MB for a look.
Not much other scrapping going on here though...I have finished and mailed off two CJ's....and almost finished a couple of layouts that I started on holidays....I dont think Ill ever do that again.....meaning start a layout and not finish it until a month later...Im so over them even before they are finished.

What else has been happpening?....Its Brionys birthday today....we had a bit of a celebration last night as well as her three dear friends over for a sleepover. We have just cleaned up from the crossiant and crumpet breakfast...all the girls have headed outside for a baby rabbit fix...and Im stealing a quiet moment. I cant believe my girl is 13...that means Im a Mum of three teenagers...Aghhh! wonder Im looking old and wrinkly!! was also the netball breakup last we were all out for dinner and the presentations...then the girls came back afterwards for cake and a sleepover. .....I know!...thats cheating...but it worked well...LOL.
now other news....... Brionys teeth have healed well... and we are counting down until the bands go on...14th September is the big day. Ballet rehersals are in full swing...they have a rehersal every sunday for the next three weeks and then two weekends of Ballet is about to take over our life....Im not sure that Briony will be even doing it next Im going to make the most of it this year.
Mitch ...Mmmmm..not much to report.....annoying the girls as I type...he just cant help himself...... Ive returned to the Dr this week regarding his iron levels....and he is going to be tested for poor absorption...Cealiac disease and just a general blood picture.....if its all ok...we are going to trial him without iron supplement and just see what happens to his levels...if they remain low but unchanged...we just live with it. If the tests come back showing he doesnt absorb well...we are off to visit a Gastroenterologist.
Brent and Alex are great...Brent got his very first car this week ...its a older model.....but finally he has his own transport...and I get my car back..Yay!!! you a can imagine...he has car stereo brochures laying around everywhere and he has bought some new springs and has asked Ian to help him fit them today....I can see he is going to love tinkering with his car....and Ian will probably enjoy helping him.

Well thats about it from me.....just thought Id share another picture taken with my camera..that I absolutley love!! .......pity about the shade on his face but still..I like it.
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Finally just a question and a plea for some advice from all the Photoshop geniuses aout there...this photo of Brent is the one and only decent one whilst he is wearing his was such a rush that day I didnt get an oppurtunity for there a way of editing the busy background out of it?...can this crusty photo be made great?
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Thats it folks....Mardi x


  1. I loved seeing all the DT layouts this month. Yours is gorgeous. I loved these papers too. They're my favourites from the 3 challenges we've been given.
    I just had a quick play in Photoshop removing some of the branches from Brents photo (using the clone stamp tool). The big one at top left is still there but I removed the little ones at top right and bottom left. The background doesn't look quite as busy. Email me at and I'll send it back to you :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Briony!!!! Gorgeous layout there as well. Will pop into MB and check out the other gorgeous work as well very soon!
    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead hun, take care.
    Love n Hugz

  3. Love the pink on the layout Mardi! LOL at being over a LO before you've hardly started it. Happy birthday to Briony! Thirteen, hey!
    Yvette sounds like she's done a great job with the photo - that's what I would've done - clone the tree out with the self-healing brush. Or just select the background and blur it and desaturate it to sort of make it recede a bit.

  4. O love all the pink LO's, but might be as I'm biased to pink :)
    Your LO is just gorgeous as always!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday Briony.
    I hope she had a great day Mardi.
    Great photos too..i bet your camera is getting a work out!

  6. Love that layout Mardi.