EDM layouts...

16 February 2007

Ok..... I noticed a comment from Jenni enquiring about the collage I used....... well I am more than happy to share how I create them....but I cant take ANY of the credit...... the extremely talented Kim was the one to inspire me to first try them...... and I have seen them pop up everywhere lately .... so this is how I create mine....... I downloaded the 'Picasa' program from the internet.....this program creates the collage simply and easily (the collage can also be made by dragging and dropping in PS...but is more time consuming) ...once Picasa has created the collage...I open it in PS and add the text over the top. I hope that helps Jenni.

Well....I guess since I have nothing new....Ill just share my last three EDM layouts.....Im so pleased with this album...... it has got a wonderful collection of Everday Photos...and possibly a lot that I wouldnt have even bothered to scrap otherwise.
....oh..and my Dad is off for some surgery on Monday....so Im wishing you all the best Dad...... I hope it is simple and you are out and back on your feet in no time.
Time to clean the bomb site......Mardi x


  1. WOW..you EDM album would be looking fantastic by now

    all the best for you dad's operation...

    thinking of you

  2. Mardi I wish your Dad all the very best for his op. I hope it's a small, easy one.

    Megan xx

    Love your EDM's too!

  3. wish ur dad all the best for MOn Mardi.
    Would have to agree...love the EDM's lo's.

  4. Love the LO's, they look fantastic..........

    Sending all my best wishes to your Dad, hope all goes well xxx

    Cherie xx

  5. Awesome pages Mardi. Your edm album must be fab

    Hope all goes well with your dad and his op.

  6. I love your EDM album. Thank you for sharing it with us! I love the colours in these ones. Is that little Briony and big Briony in the cooking one? Couldn't work out the bottom photo...
    All the best to your dad.

  7. Love your EDM LO's Mardi. I'd love to have a look at the album one day...im sure it's fantastic!
    I downloaded the collage programme from your link and finally gave it a go the other day...how easy! Thanks so much for sharing...xx.
    Wishing your dad all the best for Monday.
    Take care...