..a change of plans...

19 April 2007

..well after thinking Id be at home for the next 12 days....Im not!

The kids have been keen to go 'home' (where we used to live...5 years ago) ......about three hours from here ...they want to visit Granny and Grumps...and all their cousins, Uncles and Aunts....and I must say Im looking forward to seeing everyone too...its been awhile.

...that along with the fact that these two kids never stop annoying each other.... they argue...they cuddle and hug and annoy each other..... so the thought of getting out of the house is very appealing.... we are in the packing process this morning...and then we are off.

(oh...I cant forget to mention another thing they did last night!! ...they actually practised CPR on each other.....I nearly had a fit!! ...in fact... I was so freaked out by the potential consequences that I worried Briony and she couldnt sleep...and I needed to reassure her later...ooops.
Im sure they werent pressing hard enough for any real damage....but the thought of a rib snapping made me shudder.)

I called over to RSS yesterday and dropped off some layouts and cards I had created from a pack that Cheryl had given me.... the theme was to tie in with Mothers Day coming up...so as you can see....there is lots of Mum shots...

and this one for Cheryl...just for fun... not using the kit.

The Memory Bugs newsletter was in my inbox this morning and this is my contribution for the month..... funnily enough its Mum again!...this time as a child with my Grandmother. I love these old photos ...

..... well the kids are giving me the hurry up...they are packed and Im not...so I guess I should say farewell for 4 or 5 days....

Mwahhhh Mardi xx


  1. Awesome pages here Mardi. Love the cards too.

    Have a great few days away.

  2. Wow what a plethora of layouts! I especially love the Baking one. I love your style so much. The handmade look of it, the colours, the themes you choose. All your layouts are treasures. I loved what you did with the Memory Bugs kit. It's so totally different to my layout!
    Have a fantastic time away Mardi!

  3. Anonymous11:34 am

    Mardi, oh no!!! I will miss you so much...was hoping for an email chat *SOB SOB*!!!! Hehe, oh well! You have a lovely time away...and I can definitely understand needing to get away with the kids, oh yeah, for SURE!!!! I am glad my two are back at school/kindy lol ;D

    Have fun, thanks for sharing your yummo LO's, and talk to you when you get home gorgeous :o))))


    Love Karen xoxoxo

  4. Anonymous1:01 pm

    hi Mardi
    have a fabulous time away, and i hope you get some kid free time too.
    love those layouts- of course :)
    catch up with you when youre back

  5. Fantastic layouts Mardi.
    Have a great break.

  6. Love your pages from the kit. Gorgeous.
    Have a great holiday!

  7. Anonymous5:43 pm

    These look beautiful...great work and thanks for sharing with us...and well as Mothers Day is approaching i've posted a few stuff over at my blog on Mother's Day Cards so drop by sometime and check out all that i've posted there...i'm sure you'll enjoy your visit!!!

  8. These are just scrum-diddli-umptious Mardi! Love them, love them all!!

    Have a great time away. You'll be so happy that you went (hopefully lol) and that the kids got out of the house. Nothing like a change of scenery :-)

    Megan xx

  9. great Lo's Mardi

    Have a great time away.......see you when you get back!

  10. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Wow Mardi these pages are awesome. Love the look of those kits :)
    I love the LO of your mum. An old photo but not done in the traditional "olden" days type of LO. Just gorgeous. TFS. Have fun on your holiday :D and take care on the roads.

  11. WOW Mardi! Great stuff as usual! I LOVE your style. You always offer such great eye candy!

    Hope you have a wonderful time visiting!

    Cheers from across the water


  12. wow, so many many gorgeous LO's! Love your MB LO too!
    Enjoy your break away!

  13. Anonymous9:37 am

    Beautiful layouts Mardi, I love the
    'Being a mother' quote...Enjoy your time away with your family.

  14. Anonymous6:11 pm

    You are doing some amazing work Mardi, love the baking one especially, fabric flowers are so gorgeous. Your a machine!! Court.x

  15. WOW!!! what awesome layouts Mardi - each and every one is gorgeous - love the one you did in a4 size.
    Have a fun getaway and enjoy your time off.

  16. Have a fantastic time away Mardi.
    Just loving your layouts. So much feeling in them

  17. Have a great break Mardi!

    Love all of your mother's day LO's!

    Tatum xx

  18. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Mardi you have been TAGGED!!
    You'll need to go and have a read of my blog for details ;)

    Have fun.
    PS...I know your away at the mo but it'll give you soemthing to do when you get back. Mwha ;)

  19. WOW....all this inspiration Mardi!
    Have a great break away.

  20. Hi Mardi,

    WoW girl these LO are fab, your such a talent I love them all I love the linned paper on the first LO what is it????

    Have a great week,

    Lauren x