18....16...& 14!

21 August 2007

(Ok...stop looking....I found my diary lol)

....we are back into the even ages.....kids grow up so fast... I cant believe it..
I think Briony had a nice day.....I sang every version I could muster of "Happy Birthday to you"... in fact I think she tired of me quite quickly.... pity really...Ive got an awesome voice...NOT!
School was as good... as school gets on your birthday.... pressies from friends...and a little mini party lunch supplied by a friend at shcool....very sweet..
Then home to the rat race called our house...... where she decorated her own cake..... (Yes Mum...I know...but she wanted too) ....then we cooked garlic prawns ....on her request.... yummo too I might add..... she answered the usual birthday phonecalls.....watched Australian Idol.... then off to bed... dreaming of her sleepover this weekend..... we have friends coming to stay!!

...so thats how Briony spent her 14th birthday..... and I cant even remember mine.... I wonder what I would have done?....or eaten.... (well this lead to a brainwave....my diaries....so I have just spent the last 40 minutes...turning every drawer upside down....I only had then a few months ago for a layout with Kim....where are they now....eeeek) More on this subject later.... ok...diary is found!! .... thatll teach me not to out things away properly when I use them...hehe..

Now.... I now know on my 14th birthday.....I wrote this..... "monday - school. My birthday. I got a chocolate & 11 dollars, toe socks, 2 chockys. Mum worked . Cut myself shaving. watched Restless Years" sounds like a beauty hey!

I cant imagine only getting chocolates and eleven dollars either....Im sure my parents would have given me more than that...lol ...but these were obviosly the noteworthy things on my mind when I was 14...

....and speaking of a Kim class its been awhile since I have shared some layout.... so here is my layout about Mitch and his name..... Have a great day.... Im off to hunt for my diaries....

Mardi x

oh...and is anyone else watching Idol with me this year??.....Im hooked already...


  1. Sounds like Briony had a great day - the cake looked yummo! I'll be watching Idol again this year too - it's been great so far!

    Sheree xx

    PS. awesome layout!

  2. How cool to have a little party at lunch with her friends at school. What sweet friends. :)
    Yes I'm watching Idol. Not religiously just yet tho.
    At least you know your diaries have to be around somewhere. They'll turn up. :) I couldn't find mine for Kim's class and I have a terrible feeling I threw them out only a few years ago. :(

  3. Sounds like she had a great day Mardi - and she did such a funky job decorating her cake.
    Love the layout - fantastic as always!!
    Have been watching idol, but I don't usually get into it properly till the final 12 are chosen, so no early favs yet.

    chat soon
    Julie H xx

  4. happy birthday to Briony for yesterday!! Her cake looks great!!! And how cool to have a little party thrown at school for her by her friends!
    Had a chuckle at your diary entry on your 14th birthday too!!
    ANd I LOVE Idol! Am hooked already!!

  5. YEP...im into IDOL

    I just love the fact that you have your diary's still...so cool...

  6. No not into IDOL yet and I too think it is so cool that you still have your diary's

    Great cake, looks delish.

    Take care
    Cheie xx

  7. Anonymous8:53 pm

    I'm always late these days so please excuse me....Happy Belated B'day Briony!! Great pics and LO's Mardi. Court.xx

  8. Anonymous10:38 am

    happy belated birthday to briony!
    sounds like she had fun and that cake looks yumm-o :)
    how cool to be able to look at what you got on your 14th birthday too....that's memory keeping at its best!

  9. Hi Mardi,
    Happy belated Birthday to Briony, wish I could have had some of that great cake, well done decorating Briony. Idol has filled the void from Big Brother yay. LOL.
    Lovin it.
    Take care