..its the weekend...

11 August 2007

This has been a big week in our home...lots happening... with lots of things on my mind...in fact I'm pretty glad to see the end of it...and I seriously hope next week brings better things...
..... but even among all the negatives there have been some wonderful positives...

* like the beautiful spring weather.... we have that warmth back in the days and finally the blow flies are around... a true sign of warm weather I always think.

*I have finally spent some time in my haggard looking garden... the roses have almost all had a prune.

* My beautiful girl has felt better this week... and the tests the Dr has ordered are so far looking good.

* My Niece has had another beautiful baby girl...and Briony and I got to have a snuggle yesterday.... she is so adorable...

* I ordered some cardstock and pp... and it arrived this week....it almost entices me to scrap..

* Mitch has some driving lessons booked for next week.... and its only a month and he can sit for his P's.... far out!

...and before I go here is a few more layouts....for no particular reason... this one of Briony....taken down near the lake.... also loosely based on Janelles Scrapboxx Sketch.
.... another of Briony and how proud I was of her after her report at High School... just the fact she tries so hard all the time makes me proud.
....and the Felt Folio's that Briony and I stitched last Saturday....this was a fabulous Kim Archer online class which was designed by Janelle and Kim and instructed by Janelle .... I made the 'Gwen' designed by Kim....and Briony made the 'Nellie' designed by Janelle (edited to add...Briony actually made the 'Mabel'...not the 'Nellie'...thanks xxKim)...... I was so proud of her.....there was a lot of hand stitching and I seriously thought she would tire of it....but she plodded along and stitched the entire thing herself..
Well that's is for me..have a wonderful weekend...
Mardi x


  1. I LOVE how your felt folios turned out girls. way to go Briony!!! I love the colours Briony chose for the Mabel!!!!!! And love yoru layotus too Mardi - both photos of Briony are lovely!!

  2. Beautiful felt folios, both of you!

    And gorgeous layouts. I still can't get over Briony's eyes. Are they like that IRL???

  3. Anonymous11:13 am

    doesnt it feel good to do a mother daughter thing mardi? my dd and i made jen halls journal of everyday last night. we spent three hours in the company of each other and didnt fight once!!! she is 13 and we have been having lots of issues!!! but i thought that maybe this would bring us together for a bit of peace and harmony..........just for a little time anyway and it worked, she too did a great job and stuck with it

    bought a bit of joy to my heart!!


  4. Mardi your layouts are inspiring as always...and you have both been busy with the felt projects. They turned out so beautifully.

    I hope next week is better for you too....great to hear Briony went well yesterday.

    Megan xx

  5. wowee Girls - your felt folio's are GORGEOUS!!! I am so proud of you both and well done Briony for sticking with all that stitching. So glad you enjoyed making them too...

    Love your layouts as always Mardi - they are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you create now you have some new cardstock etc to play with.

    I too hope next week is MUCH better for you too my friend. xx Janelle

  6. More fabulous layouts Mardi - beautiful pics of Briony! Well done on your folios - I did the Nellie & Gwen ones too - love 'em!

    Hope next week brings lots of happy, fun things your way - enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Sheree xx

  7. Anonymous2:59 pm

    hi Mardi
    th layouts and photos of Briony are gorgeous
    hoping you had a better week too :)

  8. Anonymous9:49 am

    Wow Mardi your felt folio's look fabulous. How proud of Briony are you :D I truly hope I can have such a great relationship with my DD when she is a teenager...she is already showing lots of crafty potential. Well Done Briony *claps* your folio looks fabulous too :D
    Loving you LO's Mardi
    Take care
    Tammy X