...busy busy days....

12 October 2007

..... but lots of fun.
We have had a wonderful week with my SIL Kelly and kids visiting... so with 8 kids in the house there has never been a dull moment.
We have fitted in some clothes shopping trips...(well three separate occasions of clothes shopping)...... ten pin bowling which was heaps of fun....

... meals out... yummo...and another inch was added to my ever increasing butt!! ...although we did do some lovely long walks too....so does that kinda counter the food out?? ...I mean ...seriously...surely you don't have to walk that far to walk off a fresh cream filled kitchener bun..do you?
..we took hot chips and fresh fruit and had lunch at the Monash adventure playground..
....and they even braved the freezing water and had the first swims of the year in the pool.
...and on the last day we headed down to our beautiful lake and got a few photos..... as you can see ....we still have plenty of water in it at the moment....and it really is a lovely spot.
... but everything comes to an end...and today the house is quiet... echo like quiet...and I was back at work.

...I feel as though Im so behind wth my blog at the moment....I havent had the chance to visit to anyone....or upload layouts... so stay tuned for a catch up over the next few days....
Have a wonderful weekend...
M x


  1. Sounds like you've been having a fabulous time! Love the pics you managed to snap!
    Hope you've got a great weekend lined up...

    Sheree xx

  2. Mardi I think the long walks would have worked off those cream filled buns, no worries!! I'm sure they would have been low fat cream buns anyway, and therefore no need to be concerned :-D

    I'm pleased to hear you've had a good time with people you love....there's nothing better than that!

    Megan xx

  3. Hi Mardi,Sorry I haven't popped in for so long, just don't know where the time is going at the moment. I am glad to see all is wellin your family. And by the way, those long walks definately make up for the cream buns :). Looks like you had lots of fun, which you certainly captured in your photography. I hate it when I have a full house like you did and then everyone goes it seems so quiet and mundane. (I love the full house, the buzz of everything going on :) ). Take care Bronny :)

  4. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Hi Mardi, I remember the Monash playground. I had thought it closed down?! So there you go. It sounds like a fun few days and I love the photo's of the Lake. Doesn't it look so tranquil and...well just lovely. A nice place for a picnic :)
    Take care
    Tammy X

  5. Hi Mardi,

    I love the photos, eating out is a bit of a sin isnt it? Long walks have to be a plus doesn't it. I like to think so.

    Cheers, Lauren x

  6. Anonymous6:29 pm

    I blog for me mostly these days - so any visitors are a bonus! So don't feel any pressure.
    Glad you had a great time and from what I've seen you don't have to worry about your butt (not that I've been peering ...) Can't wait to see your LOs! x
    P.S. Memories of Monash for me too!!!

  7. Anonymous7:00 am

    Hi, I know what you mean about the house being so quiet - I love it.

    Those photos on the jetty are great.