...more layouts....

17 October 2007

I'm just catching up on a few more layout shares....
This first one was my Sketches Oz layout.....and a version of the Viv Bonder Sketch (which was a tad tricky for me I might add).....I struggled with the sketch until I turned it on its side...and this was the result.... not really anything like Viv's original.... but in my opinion that's what sketches are all about....to use as a starting point...and then to adapt to suit.
...I also have this layout from a recent Kim Archer@home class....this was such a cool class.... creating a layout on a manilla folder... Kim never ceases to amaze me with her fun ideas...and quirky twists on things...
...and then a week or so ago I was approached my Tracey at Enchanted Scrapbooking Tracey asked if I would like to scrap a layout example from one of their monthly kits....it was a fun to use kit...and had some products I hadn't used before..... and this layout was the result.... (so thanks for having me at Enchanted Scrapbooking.)
Now just to keep Mum and Dad up to speed with whats happening here at the moment....

*Mitch has had a cold all week...it is one of those yucky ones sitting on his chest.....he came home from school early yesterday.....but has dosed himself up with cough mixture as he is doing a bush walk at school today....and didn't want to miss it.
Ian took him shopping for 'scroggin' as he calls it..... apparently that's hiking talk or something... so he has set off on a 26km walk.....with 3 cups of noodles...and 4 bags of lollies....( he is carrying a highly nutritious backpack on his back...NOT!)

*Brent has taken the week off from the Nursery to work with KOM Glaziers.... its such a tough decision...the Nursery doesn't have great long term employment prospects due to this drought....and yet....the Glaziers may not lead to anything either...but what decision do you make? I hope we have advised him on the right one.
Have a super duper day


  1. Mardi - I just LOVE your LO's - they are all gorgeous. And the one with the kit - looks excellent too - you really are a wonderful scrapper.

    And YAY - I have finally found someone who knows what Scroggin is - I used to use it when I was younger and would go bushwalking or hiking. Mitch will be FINE today with his Scroggin, it is magical stuff and great for energy boosting too.

    Have an awesome day
    xx Janelle

  2. Hi Mardi,

    I think that photo of Alex and Brent is priceless lol.....and you've created EVEN MORE cool layouts...have you slept at all recently?!?

    I hope Mitch enjoys his TWNETY SIX kilometre walk!! That is a long way to walk. Although with all those lollies in his system he will probably have to run the last few km's!

    Megan xx

  3. Mardi- I love, love, love your latest LOs- they are just beautiful!
    Have a great day!!!

  4. WOW Love all the layouts Mardi Winen! I like the little birdies so cute....

    well i have no idea what scroggin is lol but okie dokie good on him .... hate those colds.... but lollies for sure will do the trick hhahaha.


  5. These layouts are gorgeous Mardi. I like how you turned the sketch around - great idea!

    Love your layout for Enchanted Scrapbooking! I notice you're apparently a "winer" tho! lol

  6. More awesome layouts Mardi! Where on earth do you find the time? They're all gorgeous!

    Sheree xx

  7. oh Mardi those are just amazing!