28 November 2007

...its Scrapboxx newsletter time again ...and I have a couple of contributions......

This first layout is about Brionys morning routine.... she inherited the 'early morning person' genes from somebody(probably her Dad...who bounds out of bed at 4.30am...and thinks 6.30am is a sleep in) ...and it sure as hell wasn't me...I'm a shocker..... I love that she methodically has the same routine every day....I never have to open my mouth....she just does it....and my next layout was about our trip to Tassie.... which made me a bit sad looking back....I wish I were permanently on holidays... we really did have the BEST time in Tasmania...( well except Mt Wellington....which was seriously the coldest place on earth...and I thought I would lose my nose to frost bite.) what else is happening?
I went to Adelaide yesterday to the ENT specialist.... I had a thorough check of my ear.... (and at least I know my hearing is perfect).... and he concluded that he believes the problem isn't in my ear itself.... but in my jaw / temporal joint (apparently the leading cause of adult ear ache) ... apparently the joint becomes tender and inflammed and refers pain to the ear canal.... probably caused or at least exacerbated by the fact I clench my teeth a LOT....especially when I sleep.
So...I'm now off to the dentist to have a wedge made to prevent the take the pressure of the joint....and hopefully put an end to this excruciating ear ache.

...and the biggest news.....Mitch had a job interview at the supermarket for an after school job!!!....and he was successful.....can you believe that..... after twelve months (at least)....after 6 lost application letters......after no less than 40 visits to enquire.... after frustration...tears and anger as others are employed and him not getting so much as an interview.....they have a change of manager and he is employed within the week!

... Ian has been busily digging holes for the shed.... its fun being around at the block....seeing progress...even another hole in the ground is progress at this
Have a great week......


  1. How cool are your layouts my Mardi!
    I think you are very lucky to have such an easy child in Briony (maybe she makes up for the other two - or at least one, lol).
    And congratulations to Mitch on getting the job! Isn't it amazing that he got the job within a week of the new manager starting....

  2. Love the layout. Could you send Briony to my house to teach my son how to get out of bed and get going without having to be told to move it at least 50 times. Congratulations to Mitch on his job.

  3. A huge congratulations to Mitch! I'm surprised he hadn't blackballed the supermarket. Their treatment of him before was appalling. Hope the new manager is a lot better.

    Good luck with the wedge and the ear aches. It's nice to know what the cause of the ear-aches has been. And something so simple as clenching your teeth!

  4. Woohoo to Mitch for getting that job! Good on him!
    Good luck at the dentist - at least you're on the way to getting rid of that nasty pain - nothing worse than a painful sore ear...YOWEEE!

    Sheree xx

    ps. awesome layouts as always!

  5. Mardi that is great news about Mitch's job! Good on him, and also well done for keeping his chin up while they took so long. I hope he has a great time there.

    And your layouts...I love them. Such perfect Mardi style :-)

    Megan xx

  6. LOL about the frost bite!!!
    Your LOs are seriously fantastic Mardi- I never tire of looking at your work!!

    Have a great day! :)

  7. Congrats to Mitch! Thats great :)
    And I love your LO's as usual Mardi, gorgeous.
    Cant wait to see your new house all finished, how exciting!!!!!

  8. WTG Mitch!...That's fab. news. FINALLY!
    LOL Zahlee has the same sorta routine for bed....saying the exact same thing each night .
    I hope the dentist can help. Who would'a thought?

  9. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Congrats Mitch!!! YAY!
    And lovely LOs, love the ideas as well as the style ... Briony is a gem!
    Moi x

  10. Anonymous10:31 pm

    OMG Mardi, I used to have exactly the same problem. I went to the dentist and dr so many times and eventually a dentist worked out what it was. I was able to get myself out of it without having a wedge made (did it mostly during the day) so had to practice at having a "slack" jaw. It made a huge difference.

    Yeah for Mitch!!! I'm so happy that he has finally been given a go.

    Loving that layout about Briony, I think she needs to come and stay with Marnie for a few days LOL, she is a shocker in the mornings.


  11. Anonymous8:33 am

    Finally!!! congrats Mitch and at least there is a new manager - he will probably be a better one by the sounds of it. As always love your LO's!! Court xx