27 December 2007

... for all the words of support and encouragement.

I have a feeling I may read them over and over in months to come when I'm feeling low....there's something about the comments that makes me 'feel' stronger..... it adds layers to my shield....and makes me feel a little less vulnerable.
If nothing else in this life...I struck it rich when it comes to friends and family!

So....although I'm never sure how much of this journey I should be sharing.... I will continue to update as things change....and progress.

Now....on a happier note.....I must not forget to share some exciting news...... another little thing that happened in the mist of my week from hell .... a very exciting announcement...and one I was certainly not expecting......I have been named a Scrapbooking Memories Master for 2007.... I seriously cant believe that my name has been included among such an amazing group of girls!

The Masters edition magazine is out....and its awesome!!
My fellow Masters are a wonderfully talented and friendly bunch and Ive loved getting to know them all a little better....and Im looking forward to working alongside them for the year ahead.
The girls with honorable mentions this year were amazing..... I was gob smacked by some of the layouts ect in the HM section.... wow!!
The deadlines have already begun.....we were put to work immediately.... in preperation for next year...... Im warning of my layouts is absolutely atrocious.... my mind was on my boob...not on the thats a
The prizes have begun to arrive....and we have been seriously spoilt.... when I get my head back into scrapping I have a huge box of goodies to play with.

...and just because a post isnt a post without a is my Masters single layout....


  1. Anonymous7:32 pm

    You deserve some good news Mardi. Congrats on the Masters. I look forward to seeing your work.

  2. Congrats Mardi on being named a master, its well deserved.

    Take care and stay strong,

    Cherie xx

  3. Well you already know I think you are a star for getting the Masters, but thought I should tell you again anyway!


    Megan xx

  4. Congrats again Mardi:))) So well deserved and I am so glad you did decide to enter afterall!!!! Your layout is gorgeous!!

  5. So love your masters layout Mardi.
    As I do all your work. I am so looking forward to picking up my copy of the masters book.

  6. Mardi, Congratulations. Well deserved. Beautiful layout.

  7. Congratulations - I am so proud of you - I will be off to the shop tomorrow to buy a copy but the layout of Alex is beautiful Cheers Donna :-)

  8. I just knew that you would be named a 'Master' this year. You know that i love your work and think that you are sooooo talented! You've come along way since the old 'liquid Beads' roflol! Ahhh, those were the!
    Congrats again Mardi, i am SO proud of you and so happy to call you my friend.
    Oh and i'm sure the layout is perfect...just like every other layout you have scrapped!

  9. Wow! Congrats...very exciting! Gorgeous layout...

    Take care,

  10. Yes, I kinda figured you were a little pre-occupied and your great news got lost in amongst everything else.

    Congratulations on your win. It is absolutely deserved! and everything you did is fantastic! I especially love your storage idea with the DVD cases! Noice..

  11. WOOHOO MARDI!!! Of course I knew all along that you would be a winner and you so deserve it! Now we all get to look forward to more of your work in the mag each month... Your entry was fantastic! Gorgeous layouts & mini album and such a clever idea with your alphabet storage....

    A huge CONGRATS to you!!
    Sheree xx

  12. Anonymous9:41 am

    My thoughts are with you (& your boob!!!) right now, I personally have been on the journey you're currently facing and when it gets a bit bumpy, lean on your loved ones. Keep your chin up, and stay strong luv, you're surrounded by lots of love and support. And as for the Masters announcement - Congratulations Mardi you truly are deserving of this honour. Your layout is amazing.

  13. CONGRATULATIONS on the Masters! What a well deserved win!!!! Stunning layout (as always)!

    I have also JUST heard about your other battle - the "C" word. I want you to know that you have "support" all around you. This is when Sisterhood takes over and we will surround you and keep you strong. You will get through this...this is the beginning of a new journey...

  14. It comes as no suprise to me that you'd be chosen to be a Master, Mardi!!! Your work is absolutely stunning and I am so, so, so happy for you!!!

    Congratulations, mate!!!
    Ali :) xoxoxo

  15. Hi Mardi,
    Congrats on becoming a Master, your layouts get better and better so you certainly deserve it. I wish you strength, love, courage and lots of healing in the coming year, you are such an inspiration to so many people in so many ways and with your wonderful family, friends and humour you would have to come out a winner by far. Take care Gorgeous.

  16. Anonymous12:26 pm

    mardi....i am so sorry to hear your news. I havent been about and so i have just found out.

    Reading through the support posts grls have sent you i am humbled by the amount of people who care...i too care and if there is anything you need doing just arent that far from meXXX

    I have been meaning to email you to see how you were XX

  17. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Congratulations on the Masters, Mardi.!!!!

    My prayers are with you for what lies ahead.
    Take care,

    Cheryl (((( HUGS))))

  18. My dear Mardi,
    I haven't had time to do a lot of blog-reading lately but decided to play catch-up today. I am so sorry to hear about everything you are going through! Please know that my thoughts are with you right now. May the new year bring you healing and understanding.

    On a happier note...HUGE congrats on the Masters! I always knew you were a master...and now so does everyone else! This couldn't have happened to a nicer, more talented lady. Well deserved!

    BIG hugs from across the water,

  19. Hi Mardi. I came to say congratulations for being named a SM Master. (We're a bit behind in NZ!). I just read your post below. Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls at us to teat our stength. Wishing you all the best for recovery. Stay strong & hope your Masters work helps you.

  20. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Huge congrats on the SM Masters, Mardi. And I will keep you in my prayers always.

  21. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Mardi I have to say you completely amaze me everytime I read your blog - your effortless LO's and everything you get up to - it exhausts me just thinking about it.LOL I love the blessing LO and any wonder you are a master now - so what do we address you by now???? I'm not worthy....LOL Court

  22. Congratulations Mardi on such a fantastic win.And goodluck with the c word stay positive and make sure that you allow yourself some you time.You are one very talented lady and i'm sure that you will come threw this with flying colours.Congrats again well done.