...and a couple more..

26 March 2008

.....this first one I have used as an example for the Scrapboxx Weekly Challenge which ends at midnight Sunday 30th .... so if you would like to enter the challenge.... " scrap a layout about your Easter....and included journal strips for your journaling".....how easy is that!!

... and another one....just for fun
... Ive also learnt I can scrap on colours other than white..... its been two weeks since I ran out of my beloved white card stock....and I'm managing... maybe I wont go back to it... or maybe I will.

Well..... I'm off to do some more crocheting....my new momentary passion..... its like riding a bike... after 20 or more years....my fingers could still do it off by heart....and if only my head was slightly smaller the cap may have actually fitted.... so its onwards to the next project...and Ill just make it a tinsy bit bigger.


  1. Love the layouts Mardi...Well done on scrappin on colour....I never even notice that you use lots of white!!! Your layouts are always gorgeous no matter what colour you use.

    Have fun crocheting,

    Take care and stay strong
    Cherie xxoo

  2. I LOVE the orange background. I love all the colours on that one actually.

    I wish I could crochet. I asked mum to teach me how to crochet little flowers last year and she gave up, saying it would have been easier to teach me when I was 10, lol. I'd love to see the hat. btw, who made the sunflower head hat?

  3. White is just 'safe' isn't it. Nearly everything works with white - great to see you using some coloured backgrounds and even a patterned one...:D I struggle with patterned backgrounds.
    We sure can catch up again soon - I'll be waiting...:)

  4. Anonymous4:24 pm

    wow- you just inspire me to get out the scrapping stash and do a layout or three- great stuff as always

  5. Anonymous7:14 pm

    These are so cool! I especially love the hat LO. I love to crochet too. Very therapeutic I think. It's been rather neglected since I started scrapping though!

  6. The coloured backgrounds look awesome Mardi! Both these layouts are just so fun and full of colour - love 'em!

    I wish I could crochet too! Mum has no idea how to and both my Nanna's have passed away years ago so I've got no hope!! (I wish I had asked them to teach me back then as they both crocheted so beautifully.) I look forward to seeing what you create!

    Sheree xx