... we did it..

11 March 2008

....we had the best night possible....such a fabulous roll up.... I think we ended up having around 12 heads completely shaved....(including three girls).... 7 heads coloured.... 1 chest hair shaved... an amazing amount of on-lookers who came to show their support.... two newspaper photographers.... and many laughs...
I am thrilled with the amount of money raised...and cant wait to get the final tallies in...

I'm also still gobsmacked by the response.... for my team...and other Riverland teams.... to get behind this.... to help make me blend in... and to show their support for my Chemo and hair loss....is just amazing.... as our Manager said.... this rarely happens these days..... and it is something to be recognised....I am very lucky and proud to be a part of SAAS in the Riverland...and if any of you happen to read this..... THANKYOU.

So.....without further ado....here is my photos from tonight...I'm sure the guys/girls wont mind me showing some of theirs too....so Ill upload more tomorrow....

This is Ian and I pre-shave...leaving home....

My Team Leader wanted the very first sweep....
Mmmmm....everyone is saying it looks great....Im VERY skeptical at this stage..... Im longing to look in a mirror...lol
Demi Moore they kept saying....Yeah right!!...in my dreams....lol
Nice look Paul in the background...
...and tada!! ...what do you reckon????
More pics tomorrow..... Im off to shampoo my scone....


  1. WOW Mardi you look STUNNING!!! Seriously, you have a beautiful head... And Demi Moore, eat your heart out, what about Sinead Oconner - you look better than both of them... I am thrilled for you that this was such an amazing event and your coworkers sound like amazing people too. Thanks for sharing this with us. xxxx Janelle

  2. Mardi, you look awesome. You will feel so empowered. I looked like a monk lol.

    I loved being bald. It was so easy lol, no waxing, shaving, plucking. There is always an upside.

    Sounds like you have a great bunch of co workers. Well done. Hugs Dawn

  3. Woohoo - Mardi you gorgeous creature!! Thanks for the photos, you have been on my mind all day. What an awesome bunch of people you have there in the Riverland Region... such fantastic friends. Well done on all your fundraising efforts... you did great!

    Kim xx

  4. Mardi that really does suit you that looks fab.I don't think i would have a great shaped head if mine was shaved.And what agreat buch that you work with too.thanks for showing the pics they are great and you are one brave chiccie.well done take care Kerryxx

  5. Woohoo. I knew, I just knew that you'd suit the bald do. You look fab!

  6. You look fabulous Mardi!! Well done to you and all your family and friends ... fantastic stuff :)


  7. OMG - you look just incredible Mardi! You have the perfect shaped head (unlike me who has a lumpy bumpy one lol) and the no hair do looks amazing on you! You are truly beautiful.

    I'm so pleased there is so much support in your community, and that you had such a wonderful night.

    All power to you!
    Megan xx

  8. You look gorgeous Mardi, I had mine done a few years ago for the same cause and I thought I looked like a guy but you look fab...well done and well done to the rest of the group as well.

    Cherie xx

  9. Anonymous7:46 am

    Mardi you look GORGEOUS!!! you have a gorgeously perfect shaped head :0) WELL DONE for you and the money which you and your team raised....AWESOME work .... you deserve a big pat on the back!!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us


  10. Oh MAAAARDI!!!!! I'm a bit teary. I was dying to seeing these photos. You look gorgeous! What a nice skull you have. :) Weird I know but bald sorta suits you! It really shows what a beautiful face you have. You look like a mannequin!

    I'm SO proud of you and your wonderful family, friends and workmates. You must feel so empowered and in control.


    PS - looks like it won't be long before Ian has his same hairstyle back, rofl. :D

  11. Yep in agreeance here Mardi. Ya look gorgeous. Nice shaped head too which helps ;P
    Love the pic's & great to see all the support u's all had. Something to be celebrated I think...IYKWIM?


  12. yep same beautiful eyes, warm smile, big heart...and with a great new do. mardi you are inspiring people everywhere with your honesty, optimism, zest for life and courageous spirit. how wonderful that you have found something good out of something bad.

  13. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Oh Mardi you look beautiful.

    I admit to being teary when I read your post and looked at the pics - more for the incredible support that your workmates and community have shown you than you having no hair. It just goes to show just how many people love and respect you :-)

    Having no hair in a heat wave like this must be an upside!

    Allie xox

  14. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Mardi you really do look amazing!!! It warms my heart to see how much incredible support your family, friends and co workers have given you and what a fantastic, fun way to go bald!! Thank you so much for sharing it all with us!

    You are such an inspiration!

    Sheree xx

  15. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Hey good lookin you look totally terrific, you have such an attractive beautiful face Mardi and it ROCKS!!!!!

    Congratulations with all the fundraising, you guys did awesome, you have some pretty special friends there Mardi but then again they have a very special friend in you too.

    Love Jodes

  16. Anonymous9:36 am

    Hey Mardi,

    You look ab fab with or without the hair!!! You and your team are exceptional people. Well done. Thinking of you always
    Love Tina Panayiaris

  17. Hi. I wandered over here & was totally inspired by your blog.
    By the way the bald look works for you. Glad your event was so successful & that you have such wonderful support.


  18. Mardi you look AMAZING!!! You are beautiful through to the inside :)
    What a true inspiration you are girl!!! keep that spirit going.
    Huggs to you
    Tracy x

  19. it looks fabulous mardi