Mmm...I can feel it in my bones...

20 May 2008 point time!

Reading through my Bloglines list this morning.... and I came across a dot point post by Kathie... and I thought to myself "brilliant idea Kathie"... so while I have a spare few minutes at work... I thought Id dot point!
Firstly a Thankyou for all the understanding comments and emails after my last post... it was just one of those days....and Im fine again now....cant say Im looking forward to Thursday....but at least I know what to expect now.

Life seems busier than ever.... my new weekly treatments are going to take their toll....I can feel it already. They are far better to cope with as far as side affects....but having them weekly means....Im either at work... travelling for treatment....or taking a recovery day. It doesnt leave much time for anything else.
My life of luxury working 2 days...2 nights....4 off ... is over. I now work 4 x10 hour days... which means I feel like Im always at work. (Yeah yeah I know.....get used to the real

Im cranky about gaining weight.....Im not sure I can entirely blame the treatment....although Im sure it does have some affect. It also could be to do with the amount of chocolate Ive been consuming lately... its time to do something about it... so its healthy eating for me.

We are really excited about my Papa and Betty coming to stay this weekend.... they are arriving on Friday...and we have them all to ourselves until Monday when they leave again. Papa is in his 90's now (although you would never know)... and he has never been to visit us in Barmera before (he lives in Tassie) its extra special.

Ian has been busily working in the yard at home... we still dont have a fence...but we have some wonderful paths ... each night he is out there...shoveling dirt...leveling the yard.... and its really taking shape. Im looking forward to planting some garden... but we will wait for the fences to go up first.

We've had some wonderful rain over the weekend... we still need more...but its a nice start....our tank has at least got water in it now.

The Scrapboxx Newsletter is out again.... and its a bumper! If you havent got one in your inbox...check it out online at the Boxx.
This month I had a play with some Teresa Collins products....they have a wonderful journal look about I put them to use in this journal inspired mini book. It is a book full of the high lights of 2008...including lots of journaling.... Plus I created this layout as part of the Anzac feature.... its some old photos of my Papa during the war... I love the photo of him here...holding my Mum...
...and while Im sharing..... this layout below was from Scrapbook Creations a few months ago.... it was part of a sketch feature...and I dont think Ive shared it before....

Well....thats all for today...back to the grindstone...


  1. Glad to hear all is going well Mardi. Have been thinking about you. The weekly doses will be tiring but just count them down and come spring it will be all over.

  2. Love the layouts Mardi...i don't know where you find the time or are a star..

    take care
    Cherie xx

  3. Now - if there is ANYTHING I can do to help this'll let me know won't you?
    Ooh paths - I'll have to drive passed for a nosey. I bet it's looking fab.
    Love the dot points by the way. An easy way to get a post down!

  4. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    I have read your blog for ages after tracking you down through your work published in the magazines I was reading! I was reading about you wanting a wig, when my mum had breast cancer 6 years ago, she had her treatment at the RAH and she was given a voucher from there that she could get a wig from Bonnie Wigs in Adelaide Arcade 8223 5594, the voucher covered the cost of the cheaper wigs or you could pay more to get a better one! Maybe you could ask where you are having your treatment to see if they do the same?

  5. Good to see you are feeling better Mardi.MMMMMM choclate feel like some myself.Great layouts too.take care Kerryxx

  6. Good to hear ur feeling betta.
    Great about the paths...really taking shape now!
    Bring on some more rain!!!
    Have a great time with ur Papa & Betty... ;)
    Good luck for Thurs.

  7. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    Does the new treatments mean that you'll be finished sooner? Glad that the side affects aren't as bad as the 'normal' Chemo treatment.
    I'll have to catch up with you again soon.
    Good luck for tomorrow and have fun with your poppa & Betty :)
    love Tam

  8. So glad to hear the side effects of your new treatments aren't as bad as before, but it must be exhausting having them weekly now. Hope all goes well tomorrow!

    Have a wonderful time this weekend with your Papa & Betty!

    Sheree xx

    PS. Great layouts & I love the mini book!

  9. lol i think thats a pretty comprehensive dot point post mardi. i love reading reading about your world-not in a freaky way. beautiful layouts always on my list of favourites. yes how do you find the time? take care!