Life's busy...

25 November 2008

....sometimes I think it would be nice for it to slow down a bit....just a chance to sit back and catch our breath...but then I just remember how lucky I am to be content and busy.... ahhhhh lifes good...mostly.

So in a typical dot point fashion....and in no chronological order....

*Ian had an incident last week.....his truck caught on fire...and in the process he caused the highway to be blocked and a school to be evacuated due to smoke.....luckily he was fine...and although his truck needs some cosmetic repairs still....they had it up and running again overnight.
*Mum and Dad paid a visit on Thursday/ Friday.... Mum is in Adelaide being barraged by tests and they hadnt had a chance to meet Anna-Bella .... it was so lovely that they finally got to have that special cuddle and to meet her for the first time on Thursday.
Here they are....having their first cuddles....
* We had David, Jo, Jack, Cooper and Charlie visit for the weekend.....its always wonderful having family to visit....we miss them lots....even though we only live 3 hours apart it can be months and months in between visits. We did the usual activities ....went shopping... ate too much.... took the kids to the river fishing.....and we also took a walk down at the lake....which brings me to this story....

The poor old lake has been recedeing over the last 12 months since it was blocked from the still has plenty of water...and it now has a lovely stretch of white sandy beach as well.....but late last week a large number of fish died and were washed up on the shores. They are investigating the cause...and there are lots of theories....obviously one to be considered is the lack of fresh water entering the lake now. I'm always warmed by the community spirit in small towns...and once again the spirit is high.... a small number of locals volunteered and cleaned up the shoreline over the weekend..... and if you can imagine 1000's of fish that had spent 3-4 days lying in ther wouldnt have been a pleasant job.
I guess the good news is....there are plans in motion to allow some refilling of the lake...which should begin sometime in the next week or so.....
How sad to see this old Murray Cod lying there on the shoreline....

* Anna-Bella is growing so fast....if Ive done my maths right.....she would now be around 9 weeks old....she is still very placid....sleeps and feeds well....and had her first immunisation yesterday.

As you can see I am still fascinated by her... everything about her makes me all 'awwwww...shes so cute' ....but Im also amazed by her little traits that are becoming obvious showing already.... like her incredibly ticklish feet...and her long fingers and toes.....

*Mitch hit the 3 month mark at his job this week..... he's still loving it...and has almost finished his first unit for trade school.....I think he may have learnt (or I hope he has learnt) not to leave his homework to the last minute....we've had a stressful few nights trying to get it all completed on time.

*Ive been sewing again....Im hooked...I now have almost as much fabric spread around my scrap room as I do paper...its so addicitive...
Here are a few of the journal covers Ive made recently... using Janelles amazing pattern.

I also created this mini album for Keryns (my friends) birthday....its complete with pages all ready to add photos and journaling.* The Kim Archer @home Jingle bells workshop is in full swing...and as usual its absolutley FABULOUS!! I have loved participating again this year...I have made so many wonderufl projects.... brilliant gift ideas....and Ive loved sharing the fun with all the girls who booked in this year... Heres a little peak at what Ive been up too...
*My vegie garden is looking ok.... we have been picking silver beet and snow peas.... my tomatoes and zucchini are on the way....and looking good. Ive also got chinese cabbage... cucumbers.... and some self sewn somethings....

*Our pergola has arrived....Ian has been sealing the timber trusses and all going to plan they should be erecting it in the morning....well at least beginning to erect it. I cant wait....its going to be wonderful to be finally able to finish off the yard.

well I think thats enough for one night....Im just rambling....mkaing the most of my blog post seeing as they are so far and few....


  1. Anonymous6:36 am

    oh wow- look at Ians truck! it all sounds very dramatic, glad he is okay...

    and those poor fish, what a sad end for such a big old fish, i hope they find out what caused it, and they can reopen the lake- did you get all the rain over the weekend??

    good to see you have been kept busy with scrapping and visitors- hope all your mums tests and treatments have been helping her
    have a great day

  2. Poor Ian that would have been a drama.Love all your books.And Anna Bella is so cute.Those poor fish.
    I hope your mums results come back okay.

    take care Kerry xx

  3. Always love reading your big long updates!!!! Anna Bella is soooo cute and I am so glad your mum and dad got to meet her:) Loved all your photos..and your journals have turned out beautifully..and that album for your friend looks gorgeous:)))

  4. OMG - was that Ian...eeek! Glad everything was ok and no-one was hurt!

    Sounds like you've been very busy! Sad to say - but with "silly season" only just around the corner - it's going to get worse! ;)

    Hope you're mum is doing ok. I have been meaning to ask you.

    Love the photos of your parents and Anna-Bella - she looks so precious laying there all content!


  5. Anonymous11:25 am

    Hi Mardi,
    Loving those journal covers! you have been very busy.
    The lake is looking sad with those poor fish lying there beached *pe-eeww*
    I hope your mum is ok, sounds like she's had a bit of a battery of test.
    I cannot believe how much Anna Bella has grown already!
    Much love to you and your family

  6. I love reading your updates Mardi! I think I'm all caught up now. :) I really love your journals! Gorgeous fabrics and really, you're no beginner anymore! They look fantastic. :)

  7. Anna-Bella is just adorable, she has precious stamped all over her!

  8. Wowee - glad Ian is ok after his truck incident!

    How lovely that your Mum & Dad finally got to meet little Anna Bella! She just gets more adorable by the day and she's growing so fast!

    Love the new journal covers! I'm planning on making a few more shortly too.

    Hope you get some good news about your Mum soon.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!
    Sheree xx

  9. Poor Ian and his it made a good story for him to tell at golf though glad he was ok.

    Your life sounds so busy at the moment...but it sounds like a good fun busy.

    Anna-Bella is sooooo cute! I bet your mum and dad just LOVED meeting her! I hope your mum is going ok, iv been thinking of her.

    How yummy are those journals...mhh i just love them. They do look extremely addictive. And than Album for Kerrin looks gorgeous! You clever thing.

    Missing you guys to yuou all
    Lucy Xoxo