Still plodding along...

17 December 2008

...with my December Daily album.....I love that Im putting all of these memories down on paper...I may add more to this later .... but the 'bones' are there...and the best part is its made entirely bits and pieces... and has lots of little hidden pockets....envelopes and memorabilia...Im sure it will be a great read in yeasr to come...


  1. Your December daily album is looking just gorgeous Mardi, It looks like such a great memory keeper as so many fantastic memories are made during December. Looks like some great fun memories in your month. How cute is Anna bella in that santa hat!!! I just LOUVVVE it Mardi

  2. Anonymous3:43 pm

    oh, i wished mine looked so good- its looking a little dull at the moment!
    ps- your parcel is on the way to you today :)

  3. Pop over to my blog when your free Mardi....there is an award there wating for you :) xx

  4. I LOVE your album! I really wish I could see it IRL.

  5. Your album is just gorgeous Mardi...I have got a little behind, but after my day with Heidi I am totally inspired so will catch up this weekend...

    Cherie xx

  6. Hi Mardi
    I'm a quiet follower of your blog and I've only just logged back on after being without a computer for a few days. I love the idea and look of your daily album and it's such a fantastic idea.
    Best wishes for the festive season,

  7. Wow, looks like alot of work Mardi, really gorgeous!