3 January 2009

Coming home from work to find the warm weather had brought on these......just makes me happy!
Im truly finding a joy in my vegetable garden.....or rather ... a joy from the vegetables IN my garden.....seeing as I dont have a specific patch.....they are just growing in among everything else.
The tomatoes and zucchinis are doing exceptionally well.


  1. Mmmmmm there is nothing yummier than fresh home grown tomatoes. Yummy yum yum

    Leanne :)

  2. ooh these look delicious Mardi - and I agree, their is nothing more special then home grown veges I think! Beautiful photo too! xx

  3. Yummy you can come and plant some at my house if you like.TAke care Kerry xx

  4. Oh yumm they look delish...
    Cherie xx