Happy New Year.!!!

1 January 2009

Im quite sure its going to be a good one... and I wish you all a safe...happy ...healthy and creative 2009.
So...what am I thankful for today..... well lots actually....
Amazing friends ... who do amazing and generous things which turn my life around...
Visit's from family (so lovely to see Uncle JB and Aunty Ali again)
A happy and healthy family... who I love spending time with...
A productive vegetable garden keeping us in plenty of home grown goodness...
A surge of creative energy....
And a little bit of furniture rearrangement today.... which resulted in a new look family room...


  1. A VERY Happy New Year to you my friend - I LOVE the look of your new family room and the excitement in your voice. This is going to be a GREAT year... xxxx Janelle

  2. Happy new year Mardi and the family room looks fab.Take care Kerry xx

  3. Anonymous12:52 pm

    *~*~Happy New year Miss Mardi~*~*
    I wish you and your family much joy and happiness for 2009 :0)