5 January 2009

Ive had a busy 24 hours....

Yesterday after work...I travelled to Bordertown .... it was a triple prupose trip....I had to pick up Briony who had been holidaying....and I wanted to see how Mum was doing since she had begun her chemotherapy...and I also wanted to visit Grandma Lorna for her 90th Birthday.

Its such a long and boring trip......I was very relieved when I arrived at James and Kel's around 8.30pm.... I spent the evening catching up with them....then was up bright and early this morning...and in to Mum and Dads.

I was thrilled when they said they were making the trip to Lucindale too....that way I got to see some more of them as well.....so we all travelled down to Lucindale in time for lunch.... we stayed a few hours....and then travelled back to Bordertown .... and then on home to Barmera..... we arrived home tonight at 6.55pm....just in time to get to the gym at 7pm.

This is a photo of Grandma Lorna....Dad and I ......Grandma is amazing for 90...infact....it doesn't seem possible....she is still as fit as a fiddle..
I'm so glad Briony had her camera available to get a few photos for me....


  1. You look so great Mardi and your gran certainly doesn't look 90.
    Leanne xxx

  2. What a shame we didnt have a chance to catch up. Your trip seemed like there was alot packed in a short amount of time though. It was so lovely to catch up with Briony, and i got to meet Anna-Bella yay!!! She is just the cutest! Mardi your hair is looking lovely like that...that style really suits you :)
    Take care :)
    Love Lucy

  3. Sounds like a very busy day. I can believe that you still made it to the gym after a day like that...lol. Now thats deadication!!

  4. Anonymous9:00 pm

    You are looking fab Mardi - and getting to the gym after such a hectic day is amazing!

    Can't wait to see you next week :-0


  5. Hi there ,You are looking fab Mardi and Anna Bella is so cute.take care Kerry xx

  6. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    You are looking very well. Great photo of you and your dad and Gran :)
    I'm thinking of your mum.