...out on the river

26 January 2009

We spent a good part of yesteray out on the River.... even though we live so close... its still been awhile since we have put the boat in....and the kids were certainly keen to get back on their kneeboards.
The boys.... (as usual with everything they do)...continued to wrestle and fight and spray each other with water.... it just wouldnt be normal if they left each other alone....
Poor Briony didnt escape them either.....she cops just as much... and just patiently carries on...
..and then....I was overcome by this stupid desire to see if I could still do it.... and Im very sad to say....it was a lot tougher than I remembered.
I struggled to get up on the board.....my upper body strength is poor.....something that I never thought possible.....I can remember once thinking it was SO easy....I couldnt understand why anyone had trouble....well...now I know... Ive experianced it first hand.
After three years without so much as an attempt....my body didnt know what hit it.....and nor did my wet suits pants! (they were so tight...I could barely bend or breathe.....then in the end I flung them off...and Brent yelled out across the water "finally realised you need to be able to bend your legs Mum?" ... he had a point...


  1. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Fantastic pics Mardi! I have to laugh at the antics of the boys - typical huh?

    Good on you for having a go though - you are a much braver lady than I am LOL.

    Can't wait to see some layouts now. I have a heap of pics from last week when M kneeboarded for the first time. Her cousin the same age is amazing and I got some fab pics of them all.

  2. Aw you're awesome Mardi! I've never done that. If I had the opportunity tho I'd love to!

    I bet Briony loves having big brothers. :)

  3. Mardi these photos are AMAZING, not only are they clear and wonderful but wow they tell the story. And look at those big muscly sons you have - does that amaze you sometimes? It would me. And about you getting up there, I think I would drop dead even if I tried, so you are AMAZING in my eyes. x Janelle

  4. Love the pics Mardi. Looks as if yoy all had fun. Yeah for you for giving it ago Missy. Your are a braver girl than I am.

  5. Fantastic Photos Mardi, looks like heaps of fun...
    Good on you for having a go..you rock..
    Have a great week
    Cherie xx

  6. Wow, how cool, the photos look great. My boys would be in on that in a shot, looks like so much fun.

  7. Woohoooooo!! You go girl!
    These pics are awesome and I love seeing other mothers of teenage boys getting up and having a go too!

  8. Great action shots!! looks like a fantastic way to spend a hot day.

  9. Looks like you all had a ball Mardi! FANTASTIC shots too. love how you write mardi, always makes me laugh, can always count on your kids to keep you grounded! good on you for jumping on, looks like you did ok to me!