19 January 2009

Well...so much for me trying to blog each and every day....I kept it up for....oh what....perhaps 6 days....lol

Anyway moving right along...

Today the girls decided they would like to do a little sewing....so they chose something nice and simpe to start with..... some gorgeous little headbands using a pattern that Janelle had shared with me......
They really are very simple to make... you can download the free Heather Bailey pattern here.....

So here are Briony and Alex reading the pattern....Alex seems to be scratching her head already...
...a little more head scratching....
....then here they are modelling them....Briony made one for herself...and Alex made one for Anna-Bella..... yes...that blur is Anna-Bella.....wriggle wriggle...
.... I think she looked rather cute in her headband...

....and I couldnt resist her little arms in this one....
...and here she is ....sitting up like lady muck... with her cute little headband in her hair..... or should I say...on her head.


  1. LOL at your photos and commentary - too funny! The girls did a great job and the headbands look wonderful. I might have to attempt one now for my short hair!!

    AND how cute is that little Anna-Bella. I love those chubby baby arms too. She is just so beautiful. I can't wait to meet her.x Janelle

  2. Hi Mardi, Anna-Bella has grown heaps, she is so beautiful - the girls would have had lots of fun making the headbands too - it was good to have a chat on the weekend Take Care Love Donna :-)

  3. Love the pics Mardi and those headbands look great. Anna-Bella sure is getting big.


  4. Chubby bubbys! love them photos of yr Anna-Bella. She is just adorable Mardi. And my she does look like a little lady already.


  5. I think Anna-Bella is getting cuter by the day!! She looks adorable in her new headband! LOL at all the head scratching that went on...

    Sheree xx

  6. Anonymous10:46 pm

    I agree with Sheree - Anna-Bella is getting cuter each time I see her. She looks bigger and cuter since last week!

    Oh and love the car too :-)