11 January 2009

What a sweetie Mum's friend Maria is..... (((hi Maria....hope you read this))
Maria....came across this huge tin of old buttons at a sale.... and she thought of ME...and decided to buy them for me...
I just love the 'old' smell of them.....the old colours and designs....its like a little treasure trove....there are even a few old buckles in there too.
I even love the old tin they are in.....
So thankyou...thankyou Maria..... this was like treasure to me....


  1. Dont you just love treasures like that.... nice!!!
    I have been know to raid Mums sewing kit, and get a stern talking to for it...but she has such an interesting range!!!
    Take care..Tam xx

  2. WOW what a wonderful gift, and I agree, this is such a treasure. If only those old buttons could talk, imagine the stories they would have to tell! xx Janelle

  3. Oh gorgeous! What a lucky girl you are! :)

  4. Lucky girl, I'm green with envy, what a great gift.

  5. Oh what a generous woman and how very lucky are you. Such a beautiful little treasure to be given.
    I am sure that they will be put to great use too.

  6. Anonymous2:38 pm

    OoooOoo what a great find! How lucky are you ;0)