20 April 2009

...what a fabulous month April has turned out to be....
Firstly we had a visit from Mum and Dad..... a chance for us all to catch up.....and for them to spend a little more time with Anna-Bella. I think she has a bit of a soft spot for Grump already.

...then we spent Easter with a visit from the Mastrangelos.... it was wonderful and relaxing and went far to quickly...
One entire day was spent creating this GORGEOUS journal cover that Lucy had been wanting to sew. Leanne was kept busy cutting and sewing while Lucy colour coordinated and I guided the process.... didn't they do a fabulous job!! I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more sewing in the future from Leanne and Lucy....
We also did some shopping and scrapping.....and took some photos down at the lake front...

Darling little Bella-bub has learnt how to scoot around the floor..... she is up on her hands and knees.....rocking back and forth....but then instead of actually crawling...she pushes forward with her feet and collapses to the floor.....then pulls herself back up and repeats the process....like a caterpillar. Its actually quite effective though as she manages to get herself around the room this way.
Alex has begun her on solids and she loves her vegies and custard.... and we certainly know if she doesn't like something ......she just clamps her lips and blows raspberries...

I love how she is so excited about everything around her..... like meeting Mr Snuggles the Giraffe that the very clever and sweet Tammy made for me last year..... they said hello to each other.... she had a quick suck on his ribbon....and then he went back up on my desk where he lives....and she moved onto the next exciting thing to take her eye.

I cant wait for tomorrow.... as my dear friend Janelle and family are arriving for a visit... I cant believe that they will actually be here yet..... it still seems surreal.
All these years of friendship....and we finally get to meet.

Well blogger isn't playing very fair tonight....its making photo uploads so slow that I'm almost asleep waiting for it.....so Ill leave it at this......


  1. Hey Mardi
    sounds like youve been busy, hope your holidays with the Winds are fantastic :)
    Little Anna Bella is looking more beautiful everyday :)

  2. Beautiful pics Mardi! Just look at little Anna Bella... she's such a little cutie pie!!!

    The journal cover looks fantastic! Great job girls!

    Have a fabulous time with Janelle!! I know you will.

    Sheree xx

  3. what a great, newsy blog post. I love reading your family catchup posts. Ana Bella is divine. So cute!!!! It's been lovely to watch her grow up...she's gorgeous.

    Add well done to Lucy and her mum - the journal cover looks fantastic.

    By now you and Janelle will be talking non stop and enjoying Janelle's visit!!!


  4. Hi Mardi, I keep checking your blog-I am waiting for Janelle to leave-lol, so I can see what you two talented ladies have been up to, surely a bit of creating:)Hope you are having fun!

  5. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    I'm sure your visitor is keeping you pleasantly busy :) *waves* Hi Janelle!
    I hope I can catch up with you both tomorrow morning!

  6. The journal cover looks great! And Anna Bella is growing up soooo fast! No doubt you will have a wonderful time with Janelle.