My second quilt attempt....

28 May 2009

This is another post Ive been meaning to write for a long time...... but I could never seem to find the right words....
(Words just dont do justice to how I feel about having a quilt pattern dedicated to THANKYOU Janelle.... it is something Im so very humbled about....and it means such a lot to me)

You may remember some time ago..... Janelle had a gorgeous quilt pattern featured in this edition of Homespun magazine....

Not only is it a gorgoeus pattern.....using lots of appliqued circles to create flowers ...but it also has extra special meaning for me....and Im quite sure I'll always be very sentimental about this quilt.

(photo courtesy of Janelles blog)

Well.... I set myself the task of making it for Brionys room..... and it now takes pride of place on the foot of her bed.

It is a quilt that I am very proud was a huge undertaking for a beginner like me.... and a tremendous amount of hand applique.... but I plugged along... a square at a time....and as usual ... Janelles pattern was so clear and easy to understand....that in fact I had no problem at all completing it....

So...this is it..... My 'CANDY GIRL' Quilt....

Briony loves it on her bed.... and I chose my fabrics to suit the colours of her room.... so it is a little different to Janelles original too....

So.....if anyone is contemplating making it is totally do-able... because if I can do it...anyone can....


  1. That quilt is totally amazing...I am so proud of you ...what a fab job...Briony will treasure it always...

  2. Oh I LOVED this quilt when Janelle first put it on her blog... and it's one I'd thought about making for Madi - very scared to start though! Yours looks so beautiful Mardi and the colours you've used a just gorgeous! I think I might just have to order a pattern and give it a go! :)

    Sheree xx

  3. Mardi that is just so beautiful, I so wish I could sew something like and Janelle are both very clever ladies.

    Cherie xx

  4. Anonymous9:58 am

    Your quilt is a real triumph and we'd love to showcase it in Homespun's Mailbag pages. If you're happy to share the quilt and the story with our readers, please get in touch with us - Elizabeth Newton, Deputy Editor.

  5. i LOVE it....hope mum sticks at quiltuing so she can make me one!..looks great in brionys room :) xxx your so clever Mardi

  6. Beautiful work on the quilt Mardi! I was a quilter before I was a scrapper....and there just isn't enough time for the quilts at the moment...but I ALWAYS appreciate their beauty and meaning, coming from a family of quilters.


  7. Your quilt is GORGEOUS Mardi!!!! Well done....oh and Bella is growing up so fast. She's such a cutie!!

  8. Hello Mardi, I have often visited your blog, but not commented!! I hope you are feeling well, and enjoy your cruise. Your little granddaughter is gorgeous. I just bought this quilt pattern a few weeks ago online & some fabric as well, and am about to undertake my very first quilt adventure too!!! I have 2 little girls, so I am going to make 2!!!! Take care.