This time next week......

14 June 2009

*OMG thats come around fast!
*Still havent finished shopping for the clothes we need!
*Actually havent really thought about preparing at all yet...eeeks!
*Already feeling sad about leaving Brent, Alex and Belly home... but I guess I'll cope...
*So excited about spending two weeks with our oldest (not as in old...just in known for a long time....LOL) and dearest friends....Ron, Donna, Shaun and Kate...


  1. Hey Mardi Jane, Whats with the "old" friends - thats a bit - can't wait either..See you all next weekend. xxxx

  2. You'll have an awesome time Mardi! I would LOVE a cruise! I can't remember if I told you or not, but my parents are crusing around Fiji at the moment! The weather is beautiful, they've been snorkeling, diving, visiting local villages and went to the place where Blue Lagoon was filmed. You will have a wonderful time!!

  3. Enjoy Mardi, it looks like a fantastic trip!

    Rachie :o)

  4. You lucky girl escaping this chilly winter weather... how wonderful!!! You'll have a fabulous time! Look forward to seeing the pics!

    Sheree xx

  5. Mardi, you will have a wonderful time. The best part about a cruise is that it is the ultimate holiday for us wifes/mums .... you don't have to do a thing or think about anything ... it's all done for you ... no cooking, no housework ... they even turn down your bed at night!! Have a fab time. Looking forward to seeing lots of photos!!

  6. Mardi you will all have a fantastic time...can'wait to see some photos when you get home...

    have a lovely time
    Cherie xx

  7. nikala5:30 pm

    Hey there Mardi,
    Have a wonderful time while cruising around.

    Travel safe,
    Love Nikala xx

  8. soo jealouse!! wave to us as u cruise past Dunk Island wont u!! have a fabulous time!! ooh i love you banner as well :)
    mwah lucy xx

  9. Hey Mardi! Wow a cruise, youll love it so much! My MIL went on a very very similar cruise last year - the photos are amazing she loved it. She is going on a cruise in 2 weeks through asia mailny vietnam, have a fab time and would love to catch up when you get back for a crop or something, its been tooooo long. xxx