We are home...

7 July 2009

...so now Im working my way through a Mt Everest pile of washing...... and a stack of emails...
Feeling a little glum that its all over....
Wondering where we can travel next...
Very grateful for the oppurtunity and experiance....
Life's good.


  1. Anonymous8:54 am

    Welcome home Mardi. Hope you had a wonderful time and have recharged your batteries ready for more sewing and scrapbooking! x Sue

  2. It's wonderful to have you home Mardi - we missed you terribly. I am sorry you are feeling sad about it all being over - and I do hope you will have another adventure to look forward to soon. Hope that washing mountain doesn't swallow you up LOL xx Janelle

  3. Anonymous10:36 am

    Welcome home!!!!!!
    I'm looking forward to hearing all about your adventure!
    it is sad when holidays end (and you have all that washing and unpacking to do) but isn't it nice to be able to sleep in your own bed and fluff around however you choose in your own house ;)
    Can't wait to see the holiday piccies!

  4. What a fantastic photo Mardi...I have finally finished the 11 loads of washing and am now working thru the Mt Everest of ironing...we had an absolutely awesome time too....Love you guys xxxx

  5. Can't wait to hear more about your time away and see some more photo's.

    Cherie xx

  6. welcome home Mardi!!!!

  7. Anonymous9:47 am

    Welcome home! And happy birthday (ish) - I know it's sometime about now! I've missed reading your updates too. Looking forward to hearing (reading) about your holiday.