What's been happening...

6 August 2009

Well this is a post for you Mum and Dad..... I thought Id give you a little run down of whats been happening while you are away....

*Ian and his mates (Justin, Ian, Garry, Scott and Paul) had a trip to Melbourne to the footy and the races....they flew over on a Friday and home again on Sunday.... poor Ian tripped on a tram line as they were crossing a road and almost got hit by oncoming traffic.....luckily he managed to do a 007 death roll and save himself.... but he has very sore bruised ribs...poor boy.

*Briony had a week of work experiance at the Barmera Kindergarten...and absolutley loved it...
Its funny how a change in routine opens your eyes up to different issues .....we found that packing lunch was a new experiance....making sure that everything was nut free.

I learnt that it really annoys me how they process so many foods alongside nut (and soy, sesame and seafood...all known allergy triggers) I can understand that it would be difficult to manufacture different flavours of product and have zero contamination.....and I understand that the warning "may contain traces of nuts" is a butt coverer.....but it limits the foods that that are available to a bare minimum.... I think there would be a real opening there for a company to make 'no chance of contamination' foods.

I guess the alternative and probably the best option....is to bake at home...all fresh...safe and satisfying. (Off my soap box now)
*Mitch is loving work.... and has been spending the last few evenings drawing 'to scale' sketches of furniture and projects to build. Its great to see that he is enjoying the whole process....the design...the planning and the construction.

*Brent gave us a fright this week when he ended up in hospital with chest pain. The pain was eventually dismissed as a muscular type of spasm....but he also had an abnormal ecg rhythm which he had to get followed up with his own Dr. So he trotted off yesterday with his ecg in hand and they reassured him that it was ok.... Id still love to know why it is so bizarre....but I guess the main thing is he is asymptomatic and they arent concerned.

*Bella bub is developing so fast...it amazes me....and she is a little over 10 months now.
We luckily see her almost every day....occassionally we skip a day or so...but its never too long.
I just cant believe that each day ....she has a new trick.....or a new word.... or a new way of doing something.

She is crawling like speedy gonzales now..... quite often with something in her hand as well....so you can hear the 'clunk' 'clunk' coming as she hits the floor with whatever it is she is carrying..... usually a remote control or something she isnt supposed to have too.

She loves to pull herself up on the furniture...legs or anything for that matter....and she will walk along the edge as long as she has a hand hold. Alex even found she will stand in the middle of the room as long as she can lean her back against something.....so I dont think it will be long before she is off.

She has four teeth....two top and two bottom....with rather a large gap in the middle..

She loves her food.... mashed vegies... promite sandwiches....arrowroot biscuits...yoghurt.....kiwi fruit... banana.... and her favourite fruche. (which is funny as Brent almost lived on fruche as a baby...he loved it too)

She has learnt some new words.... so now has a quite clear vocabulary of...
Mum mum mum
Dad dad
Bye bye (with the appropriate waving)
Hello (with a different wave....a more excited flapping wave)

and we also have lots of actions on prompt like...
nodding her head
shaking her head(especially when you come with a tissue toward her nose....it shakes furiously making it almost impossible for the tissue to connect with any part of her head...let alone a nose)
clapping hands
clicking her tounge
(working on the high5)

I love the concentration on her face as she tries to master new skills..... you wonder what is going through their little heads....

Love those little curled up toes.....

...and those chubby little wrists...
...and that happy smiley little face. * We have been spending a little more time in the garden....Ian has dug out the back lawn area and we bought some rolled turf....I love the instant finished look that it gave...and I wish we had done it sooner.... but at least this summer we will have some lawn out the back. Its not big....we are still on water restrictions....but its still nice.

I planted a few more roses...

....we added some more shade cloth along gap between the fence and pergola....so try and protect the plants (and us) a little

The front garden has grown and grown.... Ian's sturt desert pea is enormous....and the kangaroo paws have grown into little clumps...

*Brent is loving his new Apprenticeship.... he is finding it so much more interesting..... just a pity his wage dropped by almost half when he began.....but as we all know...it will be worth it in the long run.

*Alex is loving being a Mum to Bella... and Im so proud of her.

*I am organising a team for the 'Relay for Life' to raise funds for the Cancer Council..... its proven a little trickier than I thought.....getting the 15 members all sorted and paperwork done.... and now shifting the focus to fundraising.

Well thats about it I guess..... its taken me all day with the interruptions and housework....so Ill finish this off and add some more another day....
Hope you are enjoying your much deserved holiday....xx


  1. Hi Mardi! Wow what a post! I enjoyed the catch-up read... and those cute pics of little miss Bella! She's growing up so fast. You've certainly had a lot happening at your place lately!

    Sheree xx

  2. Ohhhh Mardi that was a lovely update. I enjoyed reading about your family. Your parents will love it! I love reading about your beautiful Bella bub too-your love for her just oozes thru your writing. Take care, Leax