Youn finally did it!!

3 October 2009

After spending weeks trying to stack these finally did it!
We have all admired your patience....your chubby little fingers.....attempting it over and over ...trying to slide the rings on.....only to miss the peg each time and have the ring slide off.... you would work at until you became frustrated and moved on to something else...
It is your favourite toy at Nan and Pops house at the moment....thats for sure.....

Then did it.... you worked out it needed two hands....(and a tongue poking out) were so stacked it over and over....cheering aloing with us as each ring slid to the bottom of the peg....

Clever girl....biased Nan....


  1. YAY Bella! What a clever girl! Love the tongue sticking out...too cute! :)

    Sheree xx

  2. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Ah Yay...isn't she clever and so CUTE with that tongue poking out heehee...very cute photo Mardi. I'm looking forward to seeing you scrap that one :) :)


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