18 December 2009

was just 'one of those days!'
Ian and I were in Adelaide.....I had an appointment....and we were attempting to buy a few Christmas gifts that we couldn't buy locally.

Actually before i go on....

Ive been working very hard at 'positive thinking'

I believe that you get back what you put out if you are constantly stressing and worrying about things....then that's what you will get more of......but if you look on the bright side....and believe that everything happens for a reason.....look at life through positive glasses ....then great things happen and more good things come your way.

Then along came our few days away....grrrr

Instead of a quiet night shift because we were heading to Adelaide on Wednesday.... we had a busy one... (positively I could say.... "that's great..... I function much better on no sleep"...but Id be lying)

Ian and I were both tired but still headed for Adelaide on Wednesday afternoon as planned... (positively - well that's good....everything was going according to plan)

We headed straight to Marian shopping centre and browsed some gift ideas... unfortunately we forgot to eat until it was late....and then raced into the restaurant at 9.00 pm...only to be told the kitchen shut at 9.00 we were too late....unless we wanted a bowl of chips. (Well Id like to think we have just avoided food poisoning or something...yep...that makes me feel much better about missing out on my gourmet wood oven baked pizza Id been drooling for)

Thursday morning we headed to Maccas for breakfast.....I knocked my breakfast off the table with the newspaper.... smashed the plate and my breakfast. (Yes...there's a pattern here with the food for sure....but maybe I didn't need that banana bread...I bet it would have gone straight to my hips.)

Decided it would be quicker to catch the bus to FMC for my appointment....silly me didn't judge the time and we were late... although I reasoned that they were never on time anyway.....only to walk in and see the waiting room almost empty....apparently its Christmas and the clinics were quiet.... we sat for all of 2 minutes and I was called in. (Hey...well this one is a definite positive....getting in so quickly is a miracle...gotta be happy with that)

My appointment didn't go quite as planned...I ended up on antibiotics again... (Ummm...struggling to find a positive...although my Specialist was actually not in the clinic ... but happened to drop in just as they were about to phone I got a visit from her...totally that is a positive!)

I lost the wooden locket off my favourite necklace...and was sad about it all day..... (I'm just plain sad about this.....I secretly kept expecting it to turn up.... miraculously....and I'm not giving up on that hope)

Ian and I were both cranky all day.... (sad about that too....we rarely get time together...and how unfair that we were both cranky....I'm blaming the crowds...the stress....and the lack of sleep)

Anyway..... we did eventually get the things we were after.... we arrived home safely....and all is well....

Oh....and while we were away having such a positively wonderful time.... it was Day seventeen over at the Tarisota Collections blog.... more about that in a minute....


  1. Oh Mardi what bad few days, you poor thing xoxoxox
    Im glad you did see a positive side to all of it though.
    I think we all need to wear our positive glasses more often, it would make the world a better place.

    I have been reading the Tarisota Collections blog, loving all the yummy stuff.

    Take care gorgeous girl
    Cherie xxooxx

  2. Go the positive thinking Mardi. I'm all about that. I'm sorry that things didn't go your way as much as they could have... but I'm glad to hear you didn't have to wait long at the dr and that you managed to get everything you wanted! But sorry to hear you also got something you didn't want - bacteria. :(

  3. Oh hugs Mardi, even for a positive thinker that is a really, really bad day :-(

    I hope that the leadup to Christmas is much quieter and smoother and that you get to enjoy Christmas time surrounded with your loved ones, lots of yummy food, bubbles and laughter :-)

  4. Oh Mardi, you poor thing, you had a big couple of days. I love your positive thoughts though!