25 days - 14th - 18th December

7 January 2010

14th of December - is about Bella and her love for the outdoors.... she loves to just hang out with Pop in the shed. I finally finished off our 2009 Christmas letter and loved that I included so many photos this year..

14th of December cont...- our Christmas lights at home....each year Ian strings them around the house...and we joke that our house looks like something from national lampoons holiday....or one of those Chevy Chase movies anyway...

15th of December - I finished and uploaded my last Boxx projects for the year....

16th of December - Ian and I went to Adelaide overnight....and we attempted to finalise our Christmas gift buying...I included a photo of the kids wish list for 2009.
17th of December - my 'Breakfast Muesli slice' featured on the Tarisota Collections blog. .. page 17 is a pocket page...and I have a photo of the recipe and some notes from the day tucked inside.

18th of December - I posted off all my Christmas mail....a pile of cards...and some little handmade gifts to the ST girls..

Alex made ginger breads for her mothers group and Briony helped to package them beautifully with handmade personalised tags...

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