25 days -5th - 9th December

7 January 2010

5th of December - Ian and I went out to the Cobby club with Keryn and Darryl for dinner and to catch the band 'Kartoon' playing...it was a fabulous night...
6th of December -today was the Barmera main street Markets.... Meg and her band 'Shattered Glass' played in the street.... it was my first opportunity to hear her play and it was fantastic!...Mitch manned the CD sales stand and we bought our very own signed copy. 6th of December cont... tonight was Brionys Year 10 Graduation dinner

7th of December - I'm slowly working on some fabric projects....and Ian begins to hang Christmas lights...with the help of Bella of course. 8th of December - Bella just cant resist those red baubles...and she slowly munches her way through the bottom of the tree. 9th of December - Ian began work on my much wanted outdoor table.... he purchased some recycled timber and began planing and sanding it into shape....I would love it by Christmas day ...but he is not promising at this stage.

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