...and another attempt..

24 January 2010

Love these photos of Miss Bella.... especially the cute profile shot where we were imagining what she would look like with a nose piercing.... using a Kaisercraft rhinestone...is that wrong?.... she didnt seem to mind though.... (I just havent quite worked out the inner frame around the photos....for some reason I couldnt fill that layer.....but I adapted it slightly and although its not perfect...its ok.... )

Oh and imagine my complete shock when I noticed a comment from Ali herself in my last post....that certainly blew me away..... how would Ali even know my blog existed..... certainly gave me a buzz though....

Weve just come in from the river again.....Im a little sun burnt and weary from the fresh air.... maybe a nap will help....


  1. Love what you have created Mardi.. and she does look cute with the nose piercing! Velvet loves wearing the rhinestones as earings...they look cute and people always ask are they real!

    How cool that Ali commented on here...you just never know who lurking around your blog...LOL

    Hope you got to have a little nap.

    Cherie xx

  2. WOW Mardi this is another GORGEOUS creation, there is no end to your talent! So glad you have had fun playing with these layouts. AND wowee to a comment from Ali too, she is so lovely. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon xx Janelle

  3. These look great Mardi ( you naughty girl you just wanna get her ready for yours ?? were Brent and Alex around when this sillines was going on ??lol) and you must feel pretty chuffed to have been vistied by the master herself :)

  4. Oh this is gorgeous Mardi! LOL about the nose piercing...it does look pretty cute. Very cool that you had Ali visit your blog. I bet you had a grin from ear to ear!!!

    Sheree xx

  5. ROFL - what a cool idea! Tassy and I might try noserings too! lol

  6. what a beaut layout and Bella sure is growing really quickly.....she is just beautiful...I still think she looks a little like Brent at that age...it is the eyes I reckon....cheers :-)

  7. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Oh this is just lovely. Love the sepia! Hope you recover from your sunburn!

  8. This layout is too cute! What a little Blossom :0)