Just testing...

27 January 2010

I have always wished my blog photos were a little larger.... the default blogger size is just a little too small.....so I was pretty excited this morning when I noticed this little tutorial on resizing them at 'Meet me at Mikes'...and even though my blog template is a small one.....the photos can still be re-sized significantly... and I like it...it makes me happy...

Just uploaded this random shot of Bella.... scrapbooking... or rather....getting into Nan's things....if I take my eye off her she climbs up onto the desk.... little ratty.


  1. LOL! What a cheeky little thing she is! I might check out that link too Mardi. I find the same thing with my blog pics.

    Sheree xx

  2. Looks great Mardi! I tried it with my blog too but couldn't find the right text - bummer!