25th - 31st January...

2 February 2010

Who can believe that January has come and gone so quickly... far out.

Throughout last year I recorded and scrapped a 'Snippets' album as part of an ongoing online class at the @home site..... I loved that I recorded a years worth of memories....dates and photos in chronological order....and I cant believe how often we have referred back to it already... the kids love it....and I can tell it will be a much loved and dog eared album in years to come....
Just this week I completed the very final layout for it.....and lovingly popped it on top of the mini book pile...although its quite large...it sits teetering on the top.

Here is a sneak of one of my final layouts.....

...and a peak of my completed album.....bulging at the seams....

So that has left me with a dilemma.... how do I record something similar this year?

I really want another years worth of memories recorded...but I'm just not sure I'm ready for such a full scale album again.

Ive been loving watching all the 'photo a days' as they pop up on various blogs....but I'm pretty sure that's not for me.....I can feel my stress levels rise just at the thought of a year long commitment to something every day.....

So while I contemplate just how Ill record 2010......I'm still taking the snaps.....and jotting down the notes..... so what better a place than here on my blog....

So this week.....

Briony returned to school....Year 11....I don't think she is 'in love' with her subject choices.....but I know she will do well.... and I'm sure chemistry will grow on her.....wont it?

First night...homework...

We met friends down on the lake front for a late evening ice cream....Bella loved the water....and was fearless....luckily Auntie Briony didn't mind getting wet.

I had a play with a free online tutorial by Jennifer Casa.....(lots of stitching eye candy there) and made this cute little 'kidlet'....its the sweetest little bag with a front pocket....whipped up in no time....and perfect to hang from a door knob or chair....
It is currently hanging in the kitchen with Bella's books in it....I think she likes it...

I completed a layout or two..... they had been in stages of unfinished for quite some time....so happy to have them finished....

Loved this photo of Alex and Bella....

...and couldn't resist scrapping this one ..... Bella's face just tells the story....oops..busted! (Yes...that's a mini album she has in her grips)
I was bored one evening....so began making some quilt blocks.... because of course....I cant ever have nothing to do.... I don't cope well with idle hands....
I also stitched ...with much love another Audrey..... this one for a friend at work..... luckily this is such a darling little pattern.....and once all the quilting was done ....it took very little time to whip up.....as always with Janelles patterns.... the instructions were clear and accurate.....

What else happened?

Mitch and Meg went to 'Big Day Out' in Adelaide....and had a wonderful time.

Briony stepped up her driving practice...in one night alone we drove for 3.5hours.... just getting in some hours for her log book....we have a driving lesson booked for next week....

So I guess that kind of wraps it up......I wonder what this week will bring.


  1. Hi Mardi...what a great wrap up what you guys have been up to.....Thanks

  2. Kim W9:28 pm

    HI Mardi It's Kim from the shop at Kim's scrapbooking retreat. I have been meaning to comment for a while. A while ago you asked about music suggestions for you and Bella to enjoy. Before Christmas I bought Kasey Chambers new album, Kasey Chambers, Poppa Bill and the Little Hillbillies. It has songs titled Little Lost Music, I spy etc My 5 year old son loves the CD and we can dance and sing to it together. It also has a great christmas song and one about how she was born. The CD also comes with a mini book about the lost music. I am a Kasey Chambers fan anyway but love that this is music I can enjoy with my boys. Hope all is well and it was lovely to meet you at the retreat Kim

  3. Wow what a bumper post! It must feel great to have your snippets album all complete..and what a wonderful keepsake!

    Wishing Briony all the best with her studies this year. :)

    Oooh cute 'kidlet' pocket bag! I might have to make one up for Madi!

    Gorgeous layouts as always Mardi..especially the one of Bella with the mini...classic! LOL

    Your friend is going to LOVE her Audrey! It looks great!

    Sheree xx

  4. Anonymous8:09 am

    Having just done the last few months of Snippets (as multi-photo layouts, not monthly records) I really wish I had done the whole journey of recording a year (but I felt 2009 wasn't the year - in hindsight I should have just done it anyway!). I would love to do it though.
    You are so clever with all your bits and bobs! And I can relate re the idle hands. ;)

  5. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Hi Mardi, its charmaine:) couldnt log in duh!i can relate to the driving hours.....briony and leigh will be getting their licences about the same time:)

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