8* - Creating ...

11 February 2010

As planned ... Ive had a lovely morning creating.... finishing off.....and fiddling with some layouts.

What I have discovered is that I'm more productive if I start planning them days in advance.... so these photos have been on my desk for quite a few days now....and as I walk past I add to my little pile under each photo.

So slowly over a few days I end up with a little pile with my photos..... it might include some new paper or product.....an oldie product that I would like use up.....various journal tags....and bits.. and this becomes the basis of my layout when I have a chance to sit and scrap.

It seems to work well for me.... and I'm far more productive.
I actually managed three layouts this morning...... all pre-prepared....

Here is the first....

'Sunday am' - Briony took these photos for me one morning while I was at work. Bella had slept over and Poppy and Briony were in charge....she liked Poppy's morning routine.....but just couldn't get used to the glasses... I guess she had never seen him with them on before...

(Thanks Moi for the butterfly punchie....Ive used them quite a bit lately)

The layout.....

...then lifting the flap....

... to reveal another photo and more journaling....


  1. LOL I love the look on her face Mardi! Classic! Fab layout as always!

    Sheree xx

  2. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Gorgeous! She is a dear little pumpkin.
    Glad the butterflies are useful! I love yours too. Nice to have something outside the usual! Unfortuantely they're buried under a big ugly pile on my scrapping cupboard ... eek.

  3. Love this Lo Mardi, Bella is just cuter every time i see her :)
    LOL this is how i scrap print a few pics and then make piles for each LO (all over the house) so when i get time to scrap its just about done, its such a good feeling using up those bits and pieces, love your flap LOs they are looking great :) Hope you are well and having a great weekend :)
    Megan xx

  4. Love all that journalling and extra photo space Mardi, this is fantastic!