20-22 Feb - Melbourne

1 March 2010

Its been a crazy couple of weeks....and although Ive had good intentions.....its taken me all this time to actually share the pics from our trip.

So for the Winen family record..... Ian and I took Brent, Alex and Bella to Melbourne for a weekend away... we left on Saturday 20th....and arrived back home late on Monday 22nd Feb.

It was the first time Brent, Alex and Bella had flown...... so it was exciting to share this trip with them....

Poor Miss Belly was getting some brand new teeth....and was feeling a little miserable.... however she wasn't complaining....I think she quite enjoyed her flight....sleeping the entire way on Daddy's lap.
We stayed in a fabulous apartment in Collins street....nice and close to everything....
and we walked....and walked and walked.....and then...we walked some more...
I loved that about Melbourne....everything is close.....the walking tracks are wonderful.....the streets are alive....
We did take the free tram....and the free bus.... it gave our legs a rest and we could sit back and listen to the commentary as it went around....

I also loved the buildings..... the 'old' tucked in amongst the 'new'.....

We loved eating out.... and so did Miss Bella... we found she was particularly fond of milk shakes.... just try and take this away....

Yes...the corny tourist shot..... Brent, Alex, Bell and I.

Melbourne by night.... we stopped and watched some wonderful street performers.... and visited the Crown Casino....

Yep....hooked on buildings again....
A visit to the Aquarium.... and Bella gets up close and personal with a star fish.....I'm so glad she didn't put it in her mouth (like she tried to do with the budgie)

Then sadly it was time to head home again... here we are killing time waiting for our flight....Miss Bella was very entertained by the action outside the window....

So that's our weekend away.....we had looked forward to it for so long....and sadly its all over...
Next thing on the Winen family agenda is Brents 21st in two weeks....


  1. Hi Mardi, Looks like you guys had a great weekend away...I love the photos you took...so pleased you all enjoyed Melbourne..take care...xxx

  2. jane fitchett7:07 am

    hi mardi
    glad you had a great time in melbourne- i love the old buildings too- next time youre here if we get to catch up, i will show you some of the more tucked away gems!


  3. Melbourne is such a lovely city Mardi!!- we are stopping off there for a few days on our way back from Tassie too :)

  4. Great photos Mardi..
    Looks like you had a lovely time.

    Have a great week,
    Cherie xoxox

  5. Terrific pics Mardi! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time in Melbourne. I haven't been there in a very long time!

    Sheree xx

  6. Looks like you all had a fabbo time away love the shot of Bella and her milkshake, a girl who knows a good thing when she tries it :)
    Good luck with Brents 21st:)