Crafty Matters update...

13 April 2010

I always find inspiration when I use Janes gorgeous crafty matters ceramics..... this little ceramic rabbit was PERFECT for this layout of Bella in the lead-up to Easter..... ...and here's a close up....
And this cute little sail boat worked so well on this layout of the boys at the boat ramp...... it just added a little pizazz (now there's a word...)
I realise this seems a weird topic for a layout..... but this is where we launch the boat when we go skiing....and up until recently(its now been upgraded) the ramp was extremely slippery.
Lets just say its been the source of some of the Winen families most hilarious moments.
...and a close up of that cute little sail boat...

Now.... just between us.....Jane is working hard behind the scenes at Crafty matters..... I'm sure all will be revealed soon....


  1. Your layouts are absolutely gorgeous Mardi, you are SO clever. I need some of your mojo I think LOL. xx Janelle

  2. Fabulous layouts as always Mardi! Those ceramic embellies are very cute.

    Sheree xx

  3. I love these Mardi. They're both so bright and fun! The tree is way cool!