26 April 2010

Ive been lost in my little 'google' dream land this morning..... Ive been collecting items for my 'in the future' list....

Like this Kombi camper.....oh how Id love one of these....
Ian says Id hate it.....he says it would be too slow...and cold....and Id whine because it was too breezy....and the heaters weren't hot enough..... but.... when I dream up a scenario....we are putt putting along....its a balmy summer afternoon......waves are crashing along the beach.....we pull into a campsite....and relax with a glass of wine and good simple food....mmmm... heaven.


A new 50mm lens to replace my old one....unfortunately it was a casualty of the balloon flight..... I took my camera in the balloon with me....but left my spare lenses inside my camera bag in the support vehicle....sadly they somehow crushed my bag..... one lens survived.....this one didn't.

Next....and iphone...yes....Im conceding defeat.... I had entered a competition to win one....and I was SO certain I would win.... in fact....I was POSITIVE Id win.... I was even dreaming about it excited Id be...and planning on what to do with my old one.... well that was until I popped online and checked the competition draw date....and realised it had already been drawn...and winners notified.... bummer! I was actually shocked that I hadn't won.....I had been so certain.....oh well Ohh and of course a Mac book.... I mean.... when I'm travelling in my Kombi I will need to be able to keep in touch.....I'll have emails and blog posts to write.....not to mention the fact that my poor old desktop sounds like a tractor running.

Ok...back to google... I'm off to search for long brown winter boots....


  1. Hey Mardi.
    Cute Kombi. I could never do it, I know I'd whinge far too much!!! lol
    Bugger about the lens. Very disappointing!!
    Mat has an iphone and I love it, there is just a couple of features I'd want changed...but I'm probably just being fussy. Damn about the date...oops!
    Get a Macbook...they are fabulous. I LOVE mine and won't ever be going back. When we decide to get a desktop, we'll be getting a Mac too. They really are worth the extra $'s.
    Hope you're doing well in little ol' Barmera. Say hello the the family from me. xx

  2. Ahhh dreamland...such a fun timewaster! LOL The kombi sounds like fun! How annoying about your lens..hope you can replace it soon. Oh you'll love an iPhone!!! I LOVE mine to bits. :) I've never used a Mac but have heard they're great...So did you find those boots yet? LOL

    Sheree xx

  3. Google dreaming...oh what fun and how does the time get away doing it!!

    My iphone should be here this week, Im excited!!

    Winter boots...mmmmmm now thats a great google dream!

    Have fun
    Cherie xxooxx

  4. You are going to LOVE your iPhone Mardi, I don't know why it took so long for me to get one but boy oh boy am I glad I did.

    Hey that Kombi looks so awesome how cool would it be to travel around out great country in one of those. Ah it is so nice to dream isn't it. I hope that you can make it a reality though as you so deserve it.
    Leanne xxx

  5. I can't believe that happened to your lens!!!

    You're not alone in the no-iphone world. I wouldn't even have a clue how to use one!

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