Hours of fun....

9 April 2010

Well.... a good 15 minutes at least...

This poor little locust didn't stand a chance....
first of all she just looked.....
then she gently poked it with her finger......
chasing it as it jumped around the house.....
then she thought maybe tapping it with her foot was easier..... that way she didn't even have to bend over..... just a little tap and she was all set to run when it hopped.....
but sadly she didn't allow for her clumsy little uncoordinated feet.....and she ended up crushing its leg off....
and then the game was over......and Nan had to put the poor locust out of its one legged misery.

( They are certainly in plague proportions here at the moment.... as I think they are in lots of rural areas..)

Thank you for the very kind comments and reassurances on my last post.....plus the hugs too ... I must say that reading them made me feel a little special..... and Im so grateful for kind and caring friends... who threw me some reminders and positives when I needed them. I feel sort of silly for blogging it....my intention was not to throw myself a 'pity party' .... it was just how I felt today.....I allowed small things to get to me.....and it was kinda nice to 'blog it off my chest'...

Tomorrow the sun will shine....and Ill be chirpy again..... and Ill be much happier waking and reading about Bella and the locust....than mediocre Mardi .... hence the 'before bed' blog post.

Thankyou again ....mwah x


  1. How cute is that photo....we will have to have lots of photo shoots in Sept....I can hear the kids groaning now...the older ones at least...Bella would be a great subject as will the new bub....can't wait....Glad you are feeling better...cheers....xxx

  2. you deserve it Mardi:) and you are welcomexx
    I love the little commentarty on Bellas shenanigans.....:) Poor locust indeed!

  3. ROFL Oh dear...poor locust! That's so funny Mardi. I heard that the locusts are bad down there at the moment...not good for the gardens!

    So good to hear we've cheered you up a little. :)

    Sheree xx

  4. Anonymous8:51 am

    That is such a great photo, especially with the commentary, Mardi, love how you tell the story behind the photo.

  5. That is so funny Mardi, poor little locust. Love the photo of Bella she is growing up so quickly and now she is going to be a big sister which will make her seem even bigger.

    Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better.

    Leanne xxx