A special Briony moment...

1 April 2010

There was much excitement in our household on Monday (29th March) ..... because Briony was finally able to get her P plate license.

She had finished her driving lessons a week or so ago..... but had to complete her 6 months on her learners ...... which was Monday.... (the most keenly awaited Monday ever!)

The other excitement was that Ian and I found her a little first car....all of her own.... it probably wouldn't have been her first choice as far as cars go.....but beggars cant be choosers ....and although its an oldie....its in good condition.

It was hardly parked in the driveway five minutes and before it was fondly nicknamed "The Beastie".Poor thing had a little 'moment' today though .... the muffler which had a hole (and is booked for repair on Wed next week) developed an extremely large hole......and became as loud as a 'Monster truck' according to her.
Apparently.....and I quote.... "It was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened in my life" ... so I guess we wont be seeing her driving anywhere over Easter....well not in her car anyway.


  1. Congratulations Briony that is fantastic and your car is tops.....it is so exciting...please drive carefully but I know you will...you will have to take us for a spin in September....lots of love...us ...xxx

  2. Congratulation Briony on getting your P's, drive safely...

    Cherie xx

  3. jane f7:16 am

    congratulations Briony!
    i had a little white laser- great car:))

  4. Wow congrats to Briony! I had a similar car as my first car too. ROFL about the 'monster truck' sounding muffler! At least it can be fixed. :)

    Sheree xx

  5. way to go Briony...its very exciting isnt it:) love your little beastie:)