Things I snapped today....

29 April 2010

I couldn't help noticing the coats hanging back on the rack as I left work this morning..... only a few weeks ago these racks were bare.....and now there are twelve coats in a row....a sure sign its getting colder overnight. Its that perfect cooler weather for meatballs in the slow cooker.....
I have a sofa plus a basket full of folding....just taunting me.... waiting to be folded and put away......that's a job for tonight in front of the tv.

I couldn't resist this crochet yellow cushion at Vinnie's today......I'm starting to see a pattern emerging....I seem to have a thing for yellow cushions.

...and the opportunity to spend some Nan time with Bella and Brooke while Alex shopped....

Its been as good day....


  1. nikala O'Brien7:33 pm

    A big congrats to you all on the arrival of gorgeous little brook. I hope you're well Mardi. I hope to see you again some day soon. My life has never been busier since I started real estate...I haven't scrapped in over 4 months and I haven't even had time to miss it.

    Big hugs to you,
    Love Nikala.xxxxxxxxxx

  2. jane f9:56 pm

    absolutely LOVING those yellow cushion...and how cute is little Brooke?!!

  3. Love your photos from today Mardi, especially the yellow cushion, what another wonderful find! Your collection of yellow cushions is gorgeous! xx

  4. Awwww...just look at sweet little Brooke! She's the cutest. :) I'm loving your yellow cushion collection Mardi...I have a thing for all things yellow at the moment funny!

    Sheree xx

  5. How lovely! And I love your blog banner, Mardi!!!! LOL!! Hope the weather's not too cold yet!

  6. Love your photos Mardi, especially Brookey. She's sooooo cute. Aren't you wonderful for having them while Alex shopped. She'll appreciate it big time. Thanks for sharing. xx Sue

  7. I just had to add that looking at these photos really makes me miss being at your place xx

  8. OH MY GOD!!!!! That just proves how out of the loop I really am! I had no idea Brent and Alex were even expecting again and I've just popped in to see what was happening in 'Mardi-land' and look what I've found! I actually thought it was an old baby pic of Bella!!
    A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to Alex, Brent and Bella and of course to the doting new grandparents :)
    Brooke is the spitting image of Bella isn't she?
    Wow how time flies. It's actually Rhiannon's 21st birthday today can you believe that?
    Gee I really need to keep on track with all these things.
    Congrats again Mardi