More holiday snaps....

2 August 2010

Holiday continued......

Did I mention it was a long way to Darwin?
It doesn't seem far when you just 'say' it.... "We're going to Darwin".... yep.... doesn't sound far.

But in reality....its a long drive.....We travelled 9000 km in the two weeks we were away and when the towns are spaced about 250km apart it makes for a whole lot of not much at all..... but still.....we loved every minute (well there were a few minutes that I'm sure we longed to own a tardus and just 'beam ourselves' elsewhere).

The country is just beautiful.....and it changes constantly.... sand dunes.....scrub..... cattle opal mines......roadhouses........cattle grids..... burnt out cars......rocky outcrops.... creeks....cattle grids..... wandering stock...... road trains..... and cattle grids.... always something new on the horizon.....anyway....

here's a quick recap of our itinerary.....

Friday night - we travelled as far as Wilmington and stayed with Andrew, Petrina and kids
Saturday - Wilmington to Coober pedy - approx 650km
Sunday - Coober Pedy to Alice Springs - approx 700km
Monday - Alice Springs to Dunmarra - approx 865km
Tuesday - Dunmarra to Darwin - approx 635km
Wednesday - Darwin
Thursday - Darwin
Friday - Darwin (out to Fogg dam and Berry Springs)
Saturday - Darwin
Sunday -Darwin
Monday - Darwin
Tuesday - Darwin to Litchfield National Park
Wednesday - Litchfield National Park to Katherine - approx 410km
Thursday - Katherine to Wycliffe Well - approx 850km
Friday - Wycliffe well to Yulara - approx 820km
Saturday - Yulara to 100km north of Port Augusta - 1200km
Sunday - Nth of Port Augusta to home - approx 480km

and a few more photos of our time away.....

Briony at the opening of Cutta Cutta caves...
Yep...that's me....looking nice and refreshed after a swim at Edith Falls (Nitmiluk NP)
Briony talking to the very friendly wallabies at Nitmiluk camp ground - these sneaky little things managed to get into our tent in the night.....and stole my brand new box of albran..... by the time Ian managed to get out of the tent they had already well and truly spread it around... not to mention all the wallaby slobber that would have been in the box.
Not only was I annoyed that I no longer had my favourite cereal for the morning....I now had to lie in bed listening to them munching very loudly on

Home work on holidays sucks....

Passing the time waiting for the sunset at Uluru...

Yep....we were bored....and theres nothing like a Titanic moment to help pass the time....
Ian boiling the kettle for breakfast at Uluru after an early start to capture the sunrise..

Thankyou for the lovely comments on my holiday post....I was over the moon to see I had some visitors .... xxx


  1. by hook or by crook!

    looks amazing Mardi. you've captured some gorgeous shots and two beautiful snaps of you too. you look lovely, happy, relaxed, carefree, beautiful.

  2. yep what she said:) You look so relaxed most of all:) Thankyou for sharing your pics, it sure is gorgeous.....the wallabies made me laugh:)

  3. Wow Mardi I'm loving your holiday! What a great experience.

    LOL that wallaby is going to be very regular for a few days! I bet he loved your breakfast!

  4. Wow it looks like you guys had an awesome time. Some of the photos bring back memories as we owned a pub in Kathering for three incredibly looooong years. It is beautiful up there but only when you visit lol

    Glad to have you back
    Leanne xxx

  5. More beautiful photos Mardi....

    Cherie xx

  6. Loved the update and photos....esp the titanic

  7. Hi Mardi, have enjoyed seeing some of your holiday snaps and hearing about your adventures, a year or so we went inland from cairns to a place called Undarra Lava Tubes - amazing - the thing that struck me most about the outback was the clarity and the amazing skies - you can see it in your pics as well - thanks for sharing x

  8. Loving your holiday pics Mardi! It really is amazing country out there! How cheeky is that wallaby stealing your breakie!!! LOL

    Sheree xx

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