A new class....

8 September 2010

Are you ready for a whole lotta hoopla? ...check out this gorgeous new class designed by Lisa....

Have you ever thought that perhaps there was more to the humble embroidery hoop than just embroidery?
Do you love making pretty things for your home?
Do you love creating beyond the page type scrapbooked projects?

Then join Lisa as she shows you how to turn a simple embroidery hoop into beautifully creative works of art.

In this class you will be taken through several projects with easy step by step instructions. You will be creating not only “scrapbooked” hoops, but stylishly fabulous fabric hoops to add some fun to your home decor.

Lisa says, “I have always loved embroidery hoops, perhaps because I have lots of lovely memories of my Nan stitching away, hand crafting something pretty. I am not much of a stitcher, but still wanted to decorate my home with pretty hoops filled with pretty things. And so my Whole Lotta Hoopla workshop was born. Why don’t you join me for this fun workshop?”

Heres a peak at my hoopey goodness.....

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  1. Ooow can't wait to see more, have been thinking about doing hoops for my little girls room!! Love this one!